Translation of extreme in Spanish:


extremo, adj.

Pronunciation /ɪkˈstrim/ /ɪkˈstriːm/ /ɛkˈstriːm/

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    (very great)
    (poverty/caution/urgency) extremo
    (annoyance/relief) enorme
    (heat) extremado
    (heat) intensísimo
    with extreme care con sumo cuidado
    • a matter of extreme importance un asunto de suma importancia
    • an extreme case un caso extremo
    • You are depending upon yourself to a degree that can cause extreme unease, but this is acute to all species of creativity.
    • He configured power to such an extreme degree in our system that the role of his character is absolutely central.
    • Or you're guilty of wishful thinking to an extreme degree.
    • In the current situation resources are so limited that rationing has to be tightened to extreme degrees and as a result only the most severely ill patients may be offered treatment.
    • The custom of sending love tokens goes back hundreds of years, but reached extreme levels in Victorian times where precious items were sent as tokens of forbidden love.
    • When you hear many extremely positive or negative stories it is often an indication that the ‘mania’ has reached its extreme top or bottom.
    • They experience an extreme degree of occupational segregation.
    • For this an extreme degree of impudence is required, but experience shows cases of it succeeding.
    • The district had gone from self-sufficiency to an extreme degree of dependency.
    • Soon there comes a time in which jet lag has seized your mind and body to such an extreme degree that resignation is all that remains.
    • The report also revealed the shocking case of a three-year-old who had died from heart failure brought on by extreme obesity after reaching a weight of six stones.
    • The sensitivities of the minorities have been acknowledged to an extreme degree - often at the risk to majority rights.
    • With the outside temperature touching 43 degrees Celsius, the extreme heat policy was in force.
    • The extreme degree of the losses, however, caused the society to take immediate action.
    • However, the problem with genome scans involving thousands of markers is that the statistic values of FAs can reach quite extreme magnitudes.
    • Reports of ethnic massacres signify an extreme degree of threat and it is hard to dismiss the influence of these reports in triggering group mobilization.
    • This is why supplier deliveries are slowing to an extreme degree, and unfilled order backlogs are inflating at a double-digit annual pace.
    • Parents also describe their children as having an extreme degree of grandiose defiance, refusing to comply with authority at home or at school.
    • After the divorce, her drinking reached extreme lows.
  • 2

    (not moderate)
    (action/measure) extremo
    (action/measure) extremado
    (opinion) extremista
    to be extreme in one's views/opinions ser extremista
    • the extreme left/right la extrema izquierda/derecha
    • Although we've already seen that having the endorsement of the most extreme members of the Democratic Party does not ensure victory in the primaries.
    • This organisation is not simply an isolated enclave of extreme prejudice and backwardness.
    • The Sunday New York Times reported on the progress of the plot to pick youngish and extreme candidates.
    • But this new world faces a new threat of disorder and chaos born either of brutal states armed with weapons of mass destruction or of extreme terrorist groups.
    • He said the world was facing a new threat from ‘brutal states’ armed with weapons of mass destruction, and from extreme terrorists.
    • Such concerns are legitimate, but to form a political alliance with the extreme right of the Republican Party on this basis is unprincipled and reactionary.
    • That sort of extreme attitude is what has put fear into the minds of New Zealanders, and it is why contemporary claims send a shiver down their spine.
    • He was in fact not talking about any nominees he would block, but about the possibility that the Democrats would block more extreme candidates as they did in his first term.
    • His alliance extends from economic neo-liberals to Christian Democrats and extreme right-wing nationalists.
    • Several nationalistic organisations pursue this agenda using extreme individuals from the Orthodox Church.
    • In some ways, it is bad, because I think it has exacerbated the division, which in part explains the extreme opinions the post has raised.
    • More extreme members of right-wing groups tap into this divide by encouraging mistrust of city dwellers and the educated.
    • Not surprisingly, most of the respondents expressed extreme opinions about Springer.
    • The case concerned protecting the emerging corporate order from the Court's more extreme members as much as it did resistance to the antislavery movement.
    • People who do not share the drive for rational thinking and control may be a threat and natural target for the more extreme members of this group.
    • Labour's application to govern you is based on a myth that the only alternative is a more extreme version of what they offer.
    • He represented a family merchant business and was friendly with many of those who inspired the extreme phase of the revolution.
    • He doesn't, of course, but instead winds it up until there is no choice but to feel torn between equally extreme alternatives in much the same way Jeffrey is torn.
    • As de Gaulle began to disentangle his nation from the interminable drain of money, resources and blood that was the Algerian war, Le Pen began his first serious flirtation with the extreme right.
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    in the extreme north/south en la zona más septentrional/meridional
    • we're at the extreme limit of our resources hemos llegado al límite de nuestros recursos
    • ST.PETERSBURG, situated in extreme Northwest Russia and formerly known as Petrograd or Leningrad, is one of the most beautiful cities of Europe.
    • Wedged by Northern Ireland into the extreme northwest of the island, its back to the sea, Donegal is linked to the republic by a slender isthmus.
    • These bases fell so swiftly that the US troops were able to attack Eniwetok atoll at the extreme north-west end of the island chain six weeks ahead of schedule.
    • However, on the more level ground at the south-west and extreme north-west they are triple.
    • They occupied the extreme north-west corner of Brigantian territory comprising Cumberland and part of Westmorland.
    • At the extreme north-west corner of Ngargo Island, near a massive bomb-scar in the rocky cliff, lies a very curious wreck.
    • This variety is largely confined to Texas, but is known from extreme northwest Louisiana.
    • It's not the positioning of the schools, but whoever decided on the amazingly stupid catchment areas that now means the schools are at the extreme ends of their catchment areas instead of the centre.
    • This truncation shows that the extreme C terminus of the SPM domain is required for protein interactions.
    • For proper operation, each SCSI bus segment must be terminated at the two extreme ends of the segment.
    • The alignments indicate that Sir2p has a unique domain at its extreme N terminus.
    • Shelter sheds can be seen (middle centre, on the beach) while on the extreme right are some of the beach cottages, used primarily by visitors.
    • In each case it was not possible unambiguously to align portions of the extreme amino and carboxyl termini of the sequences.
    • The cold air in its rear reaches the extreme south during Friday night.
    • The model uses as data either the counts of genes in a syntenic block or the distance between extreme members of a block, or both.


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    extremo masculine
    a country of extremes un país de extremos / de grandes contrastes
    • a man of extremes un hombre de extremos
    • extremes of temperature temperaturas extremas
    • to go from one extreme to the other ir de un extremo al / a otro
    • she carries things to extremes es una extremista / una exagerada
    • The product is produced at temperature extremes exceeding 300 degrees below zero.
    • The simulation was run using these groupings representing extremes of possible variation caused through modeling population dynamics.
    • Featuring the latest in DX9 shader technology, Auto Assault will represent the extreme of what is possible on today's graphics cards.
    • I assume the extremes of the different genres represented here can be reflected in what goes on in the mind of the madman in the film.
    • And from that, we're going to move onto extremes of a different kind.
    • So I said a little bit about how there are different extremes of feminism, and that no, I'm not at the end that hates men.
    • Here the speculations begin to run wild, and things get absurd when the speculations contradict each other to the extreme.
    • In Strangers to Ourselves, Timothy Wilson offers an assessment of the human unconscious that is very different from these extremes.
    • And of course then they will go to different extremes than we would, they may go to a shaman, they may go to a faith healer looking for a way through this and to resolve the issue.
    • Both Harvey and Sarah were daring each other into the extremes.
    • The two of them were closer than anything, they rarely fought recently and they would go to the extremes for each other.
    • While gaining a more exciting life, she would be hungry much of the time, would lack veterinary care, and would be subject to weather extremes and miscellaneous outdoor dangers.
    • Suddenly everything is confined to exposed planters, removed from the usual moisture and nutrient sources, and subject to climatic extremes.
    • The exposed site is subject to weather extremes, therefore diving in this area is a special treat.
    • This large area south of Russia and bordering China is subject to great extremes of climate.
    • Her moods were becoming all extremes, with no middle ground.
    • Murder One falls somewhere in the middle of all these extremes.
    • His has been a career of excesses and extremes - two Majors victories to showcase his rare ability, but too many unsavoury moments.
    • And it's a good job too, because we just can't cope, even with minor extremes of weather.
    • Canada is a country of extremes in terms of its size, climate, and geography.