Translation of extreme unction in Spanish:

extreme unction

extremaunción, n.

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    extremaunción feminine
    • Other sacramental services using consecrated water, salt or oil were performed by the priest in the church porch or, in the case of extreme unction, in the dying person's home.
    • The sisters assisted, sometimes pressed, patients in fulfilling the four sacraments important in the hospital context: baptism, penance, Holy Communion, and extreme unction.
    • The sacraments of baptism, confirmation, marriage, and extreme unction provided rites of passage through crucial moments in an individual's life.
    • Quiet devotional aspects of faith were retained and Catholics remained firmly attached to the rites of baptism, marriage and extreme unction.
    • As far as I know, until he separates himself from his current wife, the only sacrament of which he may partake is extreme unction, and only that if he repents his remarriage.