Translation of extremist in Spanish:


extremista, adj.

Pronunciation /ɪkˈstriməst/ /ɪkˈstriːmɪst/ /ɛkˈstriːmɪst/

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    • I've been amusing myself with the idea of militant liberalism or liberal extremists.
    • The sooner we send extremists of all political parties packing, the better!
    • That's not to say that all, or even most, of their adherents are violent extremists.
    • Are violent extremist groups and supra-national security networks the new big men on campus?
    • To refrain from acting in any of these cases would have been to hand a veto to violent extremists.
    • The hard thing to do on this side is not to be an extremist, and we will manage our extremism.
    • They blamed extremists bent on damaging democracy and western civilisation.
    • Since the government only encourages this view, the extremist parties gain more votes.
    • The men were said to be viewed by extremists as having sold out their people.
    • Of course animal rights and environmental extremists see Luers as a victim due to his long sentence.
    • Unlike previous wars, our enemy now is a stateless network of religious extremists.
    • That goes for right-wing extremists as much as for the left-wing ones who coined the phrase.
    • Which extremist broadcaster aired these messages of death to the nation?
    • He was hunted down by right-wing extremists and assassinated two years later.
    • You can vote for moderation or you can let the extremists win wherever they are.
    • We pay a price when we silence our extremists; we also pay a price when we give them voice.
    • He and his family have been the target of repeated violent attacks by animal rights extremists.
    • Just look at France for what happens when everyone but the extremists gives up and stays at home.


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    extremista masculine, feminine