Translation of exuberance in Spanish:


exuberancia, n.

Pronunciation /ɪɡˈzub(ə)rəns/ /ɪɡˈz(j)uːb(ə)r(ə)ns/ /ɛɡˈz(j)uːb(ə)r(ə)ns/


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    (vigor, profuseness)
    exuberancia feminine
    • The high-definition TV debacle may partly reflect such technological exuberance.
    • The minimal nature of the centre is an appropriate contrast to the exuberance of the main church.
    • There is an exuberance of life in the remarkably fertile waters of the Strait of Georgia.
    • In the Central Valley, blazingly hot but well irrigated, gardens grow with tropical exuberance.
    • China now is showing the most exuberance, growing as one of the world's leading manufacturing powers.
    • A gazebo, garden seats, the grottoes and the waterside plantings will convey the exuberance of the Victorian garden.
    • We were among the first to share with you what's going on with the exuberance around the country with early voting.
    • Chosen from among 13 entrants, Tlale was bubbling with exuberance.
    • I yelled, hoping my exuberance would break the language barrier.
    • I suspect "just out of school" exuberance fueled my mad dash out the door.
    • Jamie, 30, can be forgiven his exuberance: he came to the campaign straight from a Catholic seminary.
    • However, all the exuberance expressed may just have been to hide from the horrors being witnessed.
    • They embody youthful exuberance combined with the wisdom of age.
    • The exuberance with which he engages every topic attests to the wonders he can accomplish with his prose.
    • I loved the atmosphere, the sheer tacky, gaudy, exuberance of it all.
    • Zack was this elfin TV producer who more than made up in exuberance what he lacked in inches.
    • There is no exuberance or shouts of joy in any of these photographs.
    • I felt the exuberance of people who were leaving behind a life of no future for one of limitless possibilities.
    • A boxer's exuberance can sometimes be exasperating.
    • Her rhythms were dead-on crisp and accurate, and she brought out all the color and exuberance the score demands.
    • This season, bold geometric shapes are omnipresent, with various lines in particular adding rhythm and exuberance to the fabrics.
    • Innocence, in contrast, radiates childlike pleasure and exuberance.
    • And yet I was entertained, due to the sheer exuberance of the production.
    • The keynote was messianic fervour and religious exuberance.
    • Everyone who reads Paul Muldoon will be dazzled by his linguistic exuberance.
    • Nonetheless, there's a compelling exuberance to the music-making, a sense of shared possibilities being discovered.
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    (high spirits)
    euforia feminine
    exaltación feminine