Traducción de eye drops en español:

eye drops

colirio, n.

Pronunciación /ˈaɪ ˌdrɑps/ /ˈʌɪ drɒps/

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sustantivo plural

  • 1

    colirio masculino
    gotas para los ojos femenino
    • Most cases of glaucoma are treated with eye drops.
    • To treat conjunctivitis in a newborn, doctors may use antibiotics, eye drops, or ointment.
    • Instead of using an eye patch, some doctors use eye drops to blur vision in the strong eye.
    • My uncle uses prescription eye drops to treat glaucoma.
    • Treatment may be prescription eye drops, oral medicines, or surgery.
    • Special eye drops are given to prevent the side effects of dry eyes.
    • I get relief by using sterile eye drops.
    • Serious damage to the eye and possible loss of vision may result from using contaminated eye drops.
    • He did not feel a need for the use of nasal sprays and eye drops.
    • You can get rid of the redness and dryness with eye drops.
    • His medication consisted of daily anti-histamine tablets, nasal sprays and eye drops, which only slightly reduced the symptoms.
    • Vera occasionally has to use eye drops.
    • Immediately after using the eye drops, wash your hands to remove any medicine that may be on them.
    • It is important that eye drops are applied regularly throughout the hay fever season, regardless of how severe the symptoms are on any particular day.
    • As antibiotics are ineffective against viruses, antibiotic eye drops will not help cure viral conjunctivitis.