Traducción de eyeful en español:


Pronunciación /ˈaɪˌfʊl/ /ˈʌɪfʊl/ /ˈʌɪf(ə)l/


  • 1

    I got an eyeful of dust se me llenó el ojo de polvo
    • quick, get an eyeful of this ven a ver esto, no te lo pierdas
    • he's quite an eyeful está para comérselo
    • One woman in Vicar Lane had already snapped the flimsy strap on her vest top, and laughed as her breast fell out to give a gang of cheering lads an eyeful.
    • Deputy Chief Magistrate Mark Wellington got an eyeful yesterday, when a prisoner, who claimed to be hearing voices, dropped his pants and proceeded to strip in the court.
    • Limerick shoppers will get an eyeful next Friday when an animal rights group holds a ‘naked’ demonstration against Duffy's Circus.
    • There are few phenomena more scenic than the mountains at sunset, and what better way to get an eyeful than on a highway bike ride out to Cochrane or Bragg Creek?
    • I saw several young women sporting cheerleader skirts, high heels and skimpy wee tops doing laps before the steps, making sure the boys got an eyeful.
    • When no-one else is looking I bet he is getting an eyeful and it wouldn't surprise me one bit if one of these days he'll try it on.
    • If you've never seen their stage show, you can still get an eyeful from this album's black-and-white liner photos, which show the duo swooning or flopped like cast-off goth toys.
    • He got an eyeful when Wendy's cover slipped down.
    • But I guarantee you, if you visit any high school during the passing period between classes, or at the end of lunch, you'll get an eyeful.
    • Noah got an eyeful, but he was too sick to enjoy it.
    • After you've had a frightening eyeful, turn the page and discover where saturated and trans fats hide, and how to escape their deadly reach.
    • I spun around, and saw him leaning against the main office door, hands in pockets, giving me a knowing eyeful.
    • She rose, stretched right in his face to be sure he got an eyeful, then sauntered toward the bathroom, waggling her hips to keep his eyes on her.
    • She dipped low to shake his hand making sure he got an eyeful.
    • She retrieved a second suitcase and they repeated the procedure, and again Graham got an eyeful as she spread her legs and then leaned forward to hand the case to him.
    • He has given us glimpses of his potential and now he will get the chance to give us an eyeful.
    • She offered him a good view of her cleavage in the process and shamelessly Brett helped himself to an eyeful.
    • It may not be art, but visitors to this new museum will certainly get an eyeful.
    • They sidled up to the guards, letting their cloaks loosen to let them get an eyeful.
    • It was at this venue last year that fans got an awful eyeful in a game against Geelong.