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ojete, n.

Pronunciación /ˈaɪlət/ /ˈʌɪlɪt/

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    ojete masculino
    • Inside the boot's leather-and-nylon shell, an adjustable hook-and-loop heel strap, pulley eyelets, and cord laces snug up the quarter-inch-thick insulated liner.
    • I would recommend leaving the eyelets for the laces accessible.
    • She wore a blue leotard-style top and baggy indigo jeans rolled up to reveal strong bare ankles thrust into a pair of dusty black canvas shoes with torn eyelets and lagoon-blue laces.
    • It's also shaped like a bra so it's easier to get on and off - I hook the eyelets while wearing it backwards and then shift the bra around to get my arms through it.
    • Wrap waxed linen thread through the eyelets twice and tie one knot.
    • Connect the pieces by tying one piece of elastic string through all eyelets.
    • Figure 7 shows an eyelet that is rounded only at its tip to accommodate the suture.
    • He specified that the shoelace visit all eyelets and that every eyelet contribute toward pulling the two sides of the shoe together.
    • After the child laces the ribbon length through the eyelet holes, show him/her how to weave the needle end through the previous stitches on the back.
    • A sampler follows a tablecloth onto the table, small white cotton squares on pink linen showing the proper way to handcraft a button hole, an eyelet hole, attach a hook.
    • It turns out, however, that shorter lacings are possible if the lace doesn't have to pass alternately through the eyelets on the left and right side of the shoe.
    • For a tighter fit, people with narrow feet should buy shoes with eyelets farther away from the tongue than people with wider feet.
    • Well the strap can slip or the eyelet rings can break, and the whole lot hits the floor unless you have lightning reflexes.
    • You can also forgo the stocking stitch, but personally, I prefer not having the eyelets so close to the edge and this way, the edging would echo the sleeve pattern.
    • That's in the face of a staggering 51,840 possible lacings for a shoe with just five eyelets on each side, and millions more for shoes with a larger number of eyelet pairs!
    • Push an eyelet through the fabric from the motif side; it should fit snugly in the hole.
    • In effect, instead of zigzagging, the lacing path is reflected at each eyelet so that it is straightened out as much as possible.