Translation of eyeshade in Spanish:


visera, n.

Pronunciation /ˈaɪˌʃeɪd/ /ˈʌɪʃeɪd/

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    visera feminine
    • He never wore a patch, as is popularly supposed, but after 1801 he did wear a green eyeshade over his forehead to protect the good eye from glare.
    • After finding Hansen in the Harvard library wearing green eyeshades, Turgeon spoke with him for about a half-hour and was convinced to stay with economics and pursue a graduate degree.
    • The phrase conjured up the image of a hive of busy accountants in green eyeshades, scouring the tax code for hidden exemptions.
    • So on with the green eyeshade this morning to try and make sense of and comment on the Tory reshuffle.
    • The seats were large enough to qualify as sofas, the individual televisions were better than the one we had at home, we got a bag of gorgeous toiletries, socks, an eyeshade.
    • And, as we get into the workweek, I hate to say it, we have to have the calculator, the green eyeshades, and our eyes will be crossed.
    • Accounting is the land of bean counters, of number crunchers - men and women with green eyeshades and calculators.
    • Investors are more comfortable with green eyeshades than rose-colored glasses.
    • Low-tech eyeshades and foam earplugs are among the most effective ways to make the world go away - at least until 7 a.m.
    • For added comfort, a light blocking fleece eyeshade and a free pair of earplugs create the ultimate sleeping environment for adults.
    • His portrait with the eyeshade, from 1775, is utterly without grandiloquence.
    • We went to the make-up section and I picked out a new mascara, a blue eyeliner, a grey kohl one, and a set of six eyeshades, brown, rust, grey, blue, green and silver.
    • Pushed up on his forehead was his ever-present green eyeshade.
    • After we departed Raleigh, about 40 minutes late, I got out my pillow, blanket and eyeshade and went to sleep.