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vista, n.

Pronunciación /ˈaɪˌsaɪt/ /ˈʌɪsʌɪt/

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    vista femenino
    to have good/poor eyesight tener buena/mala vista
    • my eyesight is failing mi vista ya no es lo que era
    • All share some of the ailments of old age, including poor memories, fading eyesight and bad hearing.
    • With their poor eyesight and keen sense of smell, they can get dangerously close.
    • The widow, who has poor eyesight and hearing, said she had had virtually no warning before the flood waters came.
    • In latter years, failing eyesight greatly restricted her ability in this regard.
    • The referee's nerve, eyesight or ability to keep up with the play lets him down after a while.
    • He wanted to join the military during the Second World War, but his poor eyesight kept him from combat.
    • The echidna depends more on its hearing than its eyesight, though it does see reasonably well.
    • This means that he has poor muscle control and his eyesight and hearing are failing.
    • Mobility suffers, hearing is lost and there is a gradual loss of eyesight and memory for the elderly.
    • Dr Hillman said poor eyesight could lead to a greater risk of falls and injuries which were more serious among the elderly.
    • His poor eyesight meant that he often had to dictate his poems to other people.
    • The prognosis on his eyesight was initially poor, and doctors told him that in any case he should not work for two years.
    • His eyesight is very poor, but surely he could have visited her along with another member of his staff.
    • Traffic police have criticised motorists who risk lives by driving with poor eyesight.
    • This makes it easy for people with poor eyesight to enlarge the fonts on a page to make the site more readable.
    • He was fifty-one years of age and the sole support of his mother who has failing eyesight.
    • Failing eyesight stopped the mother-of-two from working or ever venturing out at night.
    • They have slower reaction times, and their hearing and eyesight may have deteriorated.
    • As well as losing her speech, Holly's eyesight is fading fast and she can no longer walk.
    • Ford himself had been rejected by the navy during World War I for his poor eyesight.