Traducción de fab en español:


fabuloso, adj.

Pronunciación /fæb/ /fab/

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coloquial, anticuado
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    bárbaro coloquial
    • Head to the snowy slopes this winter and get into the groove with some skiing as this week's fab gear swishes and slides through the winter wonderland of the ski suit.
    • We'll be taking calls on everything from fixing fab fêtes to sprucing up spotty sex lives showbiz style, plus predicting all the winners & losers for Oscar night.
    • And they've got some fab postcards you can send to all your friends.
    • A part of the campaign will also involve exciting offers in which customers can win fab gifts through scratch cards at all outlets running the contest.
    • Thanks to Simon for this fab link to the king of all desserts…
    • Besides, Lawrence loves the music of the Fifties, and you get to wear fab frocks too.
    • The weather was fab all weekend too which was a treat!
    • As well as a forest of new skyscrapers, it is also home to hip boutiques, fab hotels, delicious restaurants and unforgettable sights.
    • There will be fab bands and, as stated, elation that has never before been felt.
    • That was better than admitting that the guys got the medals for being fab pop stars whose reflected glory the government needed.
    • They are all fab presenters with their own individual personalities.
    • They may be fab shoes, dear, but they don't go with what you're wearing.
    • Even the most stylish of designer collections now offers something in this fab warm fabric.
    • Everybody knows sewing isn't a granny thing anymore, so we're gonna show you how to turn a piece of fabric into a piece of fab!
    • It was fab, if a little over-the-top for a dessert.
    • Be the next best version of you so you can feel fab.
    • We've come up with some simple ways for you to feel fab.
    • If you've noticed the girl at the next lunch table has worn really cool outfits the last two weeks straight, why not tell her you think her clothes are fab?
    • Not only that, but I'm sure he looks just fab in those black leather pants.
    • If you take your time and scour the racks, there really are some fab finds at rock-bottom prices!