Translation of face card in Spanish:

face card

figura, n.

See Spanish definition of figura


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    figura feminine
    • Face cards should probably only be kept if a player is dealt a natural pair, or perhaps an individual wild card with a face card.
    • This hand must consist of 4 cards of the same rank (any rank from 2 to 10, not face cards) and 3 of the same face card.
    • If the card played is a face card (king, queen or jack) which matches the rank of a face card on the table, the face card on the table may be captured.
    • As a general rule, don't let the upcoming poker game affect your value game strategy unless the turn-up card is a face card.
    • If the card he draws is a face card, then the Joker's effect is nullified.
    • A Courage card's courage is represented by its face value or fifteen if it is a face card.
    • If you set down a face card, an ace, or a joker, then next person has a certain number of chances to set down one of those cards.
    • You've got 15, and the dealer is showing a face card.
    • A face card and a heart are removed and the twenty remaining cards are dealt out.
    • Subjects win a token if a face card appears and lose a token when a number card is played.
    • No matter how hard you work you will always be left with the impression he holds a face card under the table.
    • Pick a face card to represent social influence - its influence is equivalent to three number cards.
    • January in the desert isn't the only face card in the European Tour's new hand either.
    • For each face card in his/her field, the player gains a certain number of points.
    • For each face card played from a hand to the tableau layout, another card must be drawn from the deck and added to a hand.
    • When the deck is unusually rich in face cards and aces, they bet more, and when the deck is relatively poor in these cards, they bet less.
    • There are two separate rules for face cards and number cards as follows.
    • The aces, tens and face cards have point values associated with them.
    • Secondly, the only true works of art in regular playing cards, are face cards, the jokers and the ace of spades.
    • If any of these hand cards are tens or face cards, players can discard some or all of those cards.