Translation of Facebook in Spanish:


Facebook, n.

Pronunciation /ˈfeɪsbʊk/


  • 1

    (sitio web de redes sociales) Facebook masculine

transitive verb

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    buscar en un Facebook
    • I would not have known that Karina had written it unless someone had Facebooked it.
    • When my wife passed it on to one of her friends, she passed it along to her friend, who lives in the neighborhood, and she Facebooked it back to my wife.
    • So now I'm tweeting and facebooking where my next stop is going to be and I'm telling them how long it's going to take me to get there.
    • Instead me and Al just commented on the whole class via facebooking each other from right next to one another.
    • So, People of Highschool, feel free to continue Facebooking me.
    • Eventually you'll have a pretend online account where you talk to your friends in a cyber world instead of facebooking them instead of talking to them.
    • These people who are Facebooking me are the same people who wrote any of these messages that reference my super-lame jokes.
    • Added to this, a friend from my primary school, who I've not talked to for 18 years, Facebooked me today to arrange a coffee catch up.
    • Did I do something naughty I don't know about and am being Facebooked to death as a result?
    • I was also beginning to wonder if anyone was actually reading my blog, but then my friend Jessica M. Facebooked me and commented that I really needed to post something new.
    • Most of all, I'm touched by the warm messages of support from the people who've written in, Twittered, and Facebooked me.
    • We also texted her, and facebooked her.
    • The first person who tweets me or Facebooks me a picture of it in an airport, I'm going to send you a free copy, autographed.
    • Here in Athens, GA (college town) it has become the social norm to ask people if you can facebook them.