Translation of faceless in Spanish:


anónimo, adj.

Pronunciation /ˈfeɪsləs/

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    (bureaucrat) anónimo
    (society) despersonalizado
    • For a change this documentary did not have faceless people talking shyly with their faces blurred digitally.
    • At the heart of each party are a handful of faceless people.
    • To see a faceless figure or person in your dream, indicates that you are still searching for your own identity and finding out who you are.
    • I fall asleep almost immediately, fading into a grayness where faceless people surround me.
    • Anthony shrugged his shoulders in his very indifferent way, looking about as if he was looking at a sea of faceless people.
    • He could see no clear end to the seats, nor the faceless people inside them.
    • Congratulations belong to a multitude of faceless individuals.
    • The film places them in a situation where they are attacked with relentless vehemence by a faceless enemy they know very little of.
    • We need that sense of kinship if we are to see each other as members of a shared society - not representatives of a faceless enemy.
    • We worry that the faceless enemy is still lurking nearby.
    • Freedom itself was attacked this morning by a faceless coward and freedom will be defended.
    • Behind her, a faceless figure was just visible, only really visible because of his prominent top-hat.
    • To Malcolm, they're just the faceless employees of a foreign newspaper.
    • The planning committee had its own concerns - a faceless official who blocked their decisions.
    • I went along for an interview in London, and a particularly grey, faceless person interviewed me.
    • Who are the faceless idiots who dream up such meaningless titles for our well established institutions?
    • I couldn't stop thinking about the mystery of why the faceless boy had risked so much so that I could get to the target.
    • That night, when sleep did come, I dreamed of the faceless man who loved me.
    • Despite the introduction of minor female characters, they remain faceless.
    • I agree and this seems particularly true of a city like Detroit where derelict buildings stand beside a host of faceless skyscrapers.
    • Its individuality and its links with York, which is not a faceless city but has its own special character and heritage, are swept away.
    • How does a hotelier differentiate itself in this time of nameless, faceless hotel rooms?
    • There are no pictures of exhausted flight attendants in faceless hotel rooms in nameless cities.
    • The small traders will oppose any scheme to transform the town centre into a conglomeration of faceless shops selling the same products.
    • Swindon must stop expanding or risk becoming a faceless town, she has warned.
    • So my image of that is then, people are living in what you might call fairly faceless suburbs with no community focus.
    • Don't let this beautiful historical village turn into a faceless urban sprawl.
    • Midland City Central was in the business district end of the city centre, full of faceless anonymous buildings and equally bland people.
    • The cinema dates back to a time when suburbs had independent cinemas not located in faceless shopping malls.
    • But who would want to visit a place of flyovers, viaducts and faceless retail parks?
    • Except what you can't see in the picture are the faceless council estates all around, and you can't smell the pigs grunting on the city farm over the road.
    • A certain pub or restaurant or art gallery was not something faceless, or without secret personality.
    • It seemed like Shobha's perfect man had been snatched from her by destiny and faceless international criminals.
    • You could stay in one of the big, faceless chain hotels, but wouldn't you rather treat yourself to a little luxury?
    • They also say the the plans would turn Bolton into a faceless shopping centre.
    • It's not like you're a civil servant in the faceless halls of bureaucracy, unable to change your job description or influence your bosses.