Translation of facial in Spanish:


facial, adj.

Pronunciation /ˈfeɪʃəl/ /ˈfeɪʃ(ə)l/


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    de la cara
    • Nobody knows why some people should be affected by facial blushing so severe that it blights their lives.
    • The earlier Door Gods were depicted with fearful facial features and expressions.
    • With a wide range or regional accents and facial expressions for each joke, Omid really did bring the house down.
    • The drooped heads and lost facial expressions on Sunday evening last told its own story.
    • His kooky gestures, facial expressions, attitude, and delivery were all perfect.
    • The only way to distinguish them is by their subtly different signature walks and facial expressions.
    • His true fascination was with the exploration of human character through facial expression.
    • He could quote dialogue, he could resurrect physical postures and facial expressions.
    • The research used photos which show men and women making a range of facial expressions.
    • Deshan's facial expression first softened, then turned into one of disgust.
    • Nothing in Jene's facial expression revealed his opinion on Falnec's response.
    • Dorley-Brown asked them to express themselves entirely through facial expression.
    • Her discomfort in her surroundings was evident in her body and facial expressions.
    • All the dancers should maintain totally blank facial expressions throughout.
    • During her trial, Selena was reported to have made odd facial expressions at the jury several times.
    • Her narration was carried within every facial expression as much as through the words themselves.
    • There may be facial expressions for other emotions such as shame or awe, but these have yet to be identified.
    • A lower motor neurone lesion causes weakness of all the muscles of facial expression.
    • They use a wide variety of facial expressions and calls to communicate with one another.
    • She watches the dance of the center couple with a bitter facial expression, her hands folded in withdrawn.


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    limpieza de cutis feminine