Translation of facial hair in Spanish:

facial hair

vello facial, n.


  • 1

    vello facial masculine
    • The only contradiction to his boyishness is his ever-present facial hair.
    • Like a haircut, a change in facial hair is a great way to change your look.
    • A guy with great facial hair feels like the king of the world.
    • Charlie's facial hair has grown from stubble to full-fledged beard.
    • There's a fine line between what is considered in and out of style in terms of facial hair.
    • Many celebrities have fun when it comes to their facial hair.
    • Where would some of our most distinguished historical figures be without their facial hair?
    • Don't be afraid to try out new styles with your facial hair, since no change is permanent.
    • Banderas sports three-day old facial hair and a messy mop top, whispering all his lines at an inaudible level.
    • Carefully trimming, shaving and shaping one's facial hair can achieve a never-ending multitude of looks, such as handlebar moustaches, goatees and designer sideburns.
    • She lowered her age when she enlisted to make her lack of facial hair less remarkable.
    • Finns dress quite formally when heading out on the town, and the sight of a man not wearing a suit or jacket in a nightclub is as rare as a middle-aged Finn without facial hair.
    • The men plucked their facial hair and also removed hair around their heads, leaving a long central lock that they braided with decorative feathers, shells, and strings.