Translation of fact-based in Spanish:


basado en hechos reales, adj.

Pronunciation /ˈfæktbeɪst/


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    basado en hechos reales
    • It is one of the best fact-based films ever.
    • As a result fact-based decisions can be made on where to spend Air Force funds.
    • I think the great thing about this coverage is that it has been very fact-based.
    • It has to be fact-based - no one could have dreamt this up.
    • This is not a fact-based article.
    • It's a little dry and fact-based, but on the other hand that gives you a very informed look at the movie.
    • One more Hollywood slice of against-the-odds uplift, this roughly fact-based film tells the story of Carl Brashear, the first black man to become a deep-sea diver for the US Navy.
    • Whilst Nuffield wanted a rigorously scientific, fact-based collation of the contemporary situation, Longford saw the report as a means of provoking social reform.
    • The following year, Julie Andrews took the Mary Martin role in The Sound of Music and gave her magnificent voice to the fact-based story of the Von Trapp family singers and their run-ins with Nazis in World War II Europe.
    • Is it a relief to move away from making fact-based dramas, because they can be very controversial?