Traducción de fact-finding en español:


de investigación, adj.

Pronunciación /ˈfækt ˌfaɪndɪŋ/ /ˈfaktfʌɪndɪŋ/


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    (mission/delegation) de investigación
    (mission/delegation) investigador
    • But other missions said attendance was a routine part of fact-finding activities.
    • Once a fact-finding mission has been established and its chairman and members appointed, no persons should be added to the mission as members except to fill a vacancy in the mission.
    • The programme reminded me of a conversation with one who was on a fact-finding committee some years ago with the aim of attracting the Games to Ireland.
    • We explore the fact-finding function of the Court a little later.
    • The request follows an August fact-finding mission by the commission's Arizona State Advisory Committee.
    • Leave your expectations behind and consider it all a fact-finding mission.
    • We are desirous of joining a fact-finding mission to find out the root-cause of terrorist activities, and discuss its solution.
    • In fact, the Court's exceptionally broad ruling removed fact-finding processes even from the Court's own debates.
    • The analysts and political commentators say the tribunals are a fact-finding mission, but the reality is that they are glorified public trials.
    • This would place considerable weight on fact-finding processes prior to sentencing.
    • Amendments to the Criminal Procedure law in 1996 introduced adversary elements to the fact-finding process in criminal trials.
    • They get a lot of people out on fact-finding missions and I think we can learn from that.
    • They are on a fact-finding mission to gather all data, surveys and specialist reports to oppose the no smoking ban in Ireland.
    • She spent half a day in the facility on a fact-finding mission and in consultation with senior management at Oak Park.
    • The team undertook a fact-finding mission to assess how violence had affected minority women.
    • The next issue on her broad-ranging agenda is a fact-finding mission with a view to potentially tabling a bid for the 2012 Olympics for London.
    • Seven years ago, I took a party of York schoolchildren to visit Odense in Denmark on a fact-finding mission for a new safe routes to schools project.
    • She was the first representative of an international human rights organisation to visit Gujarat on a fact-finding mission.
    • Most of them feel the fact-finding mission is a non-partisan issue.
    • The Tuesday visit is part of a two-day fact-finding mission to Scotland on new and emerging technologies.