Translation of factional in Spanish:


de facciones, adj.

Pronunciation /ˈfækʃ(ə)n(ə)l/ /ˈfakʃ(ə)n(ə)l/


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    de facciones
    entre facciones
    • Far more threatening to the dominant factions, however, is the prospect that younger parliamentarians will ignore their factional leaders.
    • After meeting with various factional leaders, he claimed that he had made proposals to overcome the stalemate.
    • Three new national vice-presidencies were simply added to make room for factional leaders who faced being squeezed out of the party's governing body.
    • Negotiations over a new constitution have brought factional wrangling and there is widespread talk of the country sliding into civil war.
    • Unable to win the leadership through the factional system, he made an unprecedented break with party tradition.
    • The framers considered organizing a factional interest to be both a valued right and a potentially dangerous activity.
    • Whatever the factional differences between the delegates, it is highly likely that a majority will approve the draft constitution with minor amendments.
    • The leadership is currently embroiled in a factional dispute so bitter that the contending groups can barely meet in the same room.
    • Interviews among factional leaders might easily end in stormy scenes, full of tirades and tantrums.
    • Only recently have we seen the emergence of female factional leaders.
    • While the exact composition of the cabinet will be determined by factional dealings now underway, it is clear that it will govern over a country on the brink of collapse.
    • Above the clamour of heated factional struggle one thing is clear: not one of these factions has any progressive perspective to offer.
    • The interview, as his factional backers intended, fanned a frenzy of media speculation, leaks and destabilisation.
    • Their overriding concern has been the preservation of their own interests, against those of their factional rivals.
    • But everyone knew that the differences hinged entirely on entrenched factional interests.
    • In any event, even grass-roots support in the party tends to be generated and organised along factional more than local lines.
    • When d' Aiguillon's trial began in March 1770, therefore, both the Court and the ministry were riven by personal and factional feuds.
    • In so doing they too have contributed to the sense in which the intellectual sphere is too fragmented and divided along factional lines for any general dialogue to be possible.
    • The controversial proposal appears to have emphasised a factional divide within the City Council.
    • I regularly hear people both inside and outside the party complain about the power and excesses of factional chieftains.