Translation of factual in Spanish:


que se atiene a los hechos, adj.

Pronunciation /ˈfæk(t)ʃ(u)əl/ /ˈfaktʃʊəl/


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    (account/report) que se atiene a los hechos
    (account/report) objetivo
    a factual error un error de hecho
    • I have apologised if I've got the information wrong and have corrected factual errors which will enable me to know the factual background.
    • Should the author care about the factual correctness of the fiction she writes?
    • The factual background to the matter whilst complex, was well documented by the tribunal in its decision.
    • It went on to say that there was no need for an oral hearing because there were no concerns over the factual issues in the case.
    • Overall, I think that it would be far better if we viewed the conflict in an unbiased factual light.
    • In due course I shall have to refer to a number of factual matters concerning the disciplinary procedure.
    • The reported information was of a factual nature, and so could be unambiguously coded.
    • However, where there are grounds for doubt or uncertainty on factual accuracy, this needs to be indicated.
    • We hope our media can provide us with relevant, factual and balanced information.
    • My 12 year old son needed factual information for a school report he had to present.
    • The book is often mistaken in its views and incorrect in the supposedly factual information it contains.
    • Your short article cited above was glib, arrogant, and provides little factual information.
    • Realists respect factual information, which they store up to use when making decisions.
    • One of the things that the internet has done is to widely disseminate enormous amounts of factual information.
    • The trust also provides qualified counselling along with factual and practical information.
    • I do not and will not disperse important information that is not factual and accurate.
    • In return for this they are entitled to a flow of factual information about food from the farm to the table.
    • The profiles would also have to be monitored for factual accuracy and selectivity of information.
    • Bereaved parents often need factual information that may help explain why their baby has died.
    • This is a full and, in my judgment, an accurate account of the various factual matters and the various areas of dispute.
    • Moreover, always remember that the application of these rules to new factual situations will rarely result in definite decisions.