Traducción de failure en Español:


fracaso, n.

Pronunciación /ˈfeɪljər/ /ˈfeɪljə/

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  • 1

    • 1.1(of business, marriage, talks)

      fracaso masculino
      the plan is doomed to end in failure el plan está condenado al fracaso
      • Remember, there are no failures in the business of plan implementation, only feedback.
      • There are 22,000 schools in Britain, many, by this Government's own reckoning, failures in the business of education.
      • Cassie is considered somewhat a failure since she was unsuccessful in joining the school's social elite.
      • We fully expected each failure, because we knew quite well when we had broken the rules.
      • The thread that connects these failures is the lack of true trilateral cooperation.
      • But the very lack of documented failures in the co-management literature is in itself suspicious.
      • Despite the fact that GM crops are a failure, they are urging the government to remove the ban or be left behind.
      • A severe drought has left much of the country parched and barren, with some crops declared a complete failure.
      • By the end of October the national wheat crop was a total failure.
      • But maybe that phone number screw-up is just so abysmal that it's got to be graded a failure.
      • I was trying to say that I feel a failure for not providing enough for us three to live on this month.
      • This has led to a worldwide assault on auto workers' jobs, as well as business failures, including the bankruptcy announcement earlier this month by Daewoo Motors of South Korea.
      • This coincides with rising or record levels of poverty, homelessness, job insecurity, personal bankruptcies and small business failures.
      • Are we going to see more closures or failures in the ISP business?
      • Many personal bankruptcies are related to small business failures because business loans are often secured over personal assets.
      • Transfer tax consequences, forced liquidation and business failures are among the dismal results of poor succession planning.
      • There will always be business failures, some of them inevitable disappointments and some shocking in their unpredictably, but corporate Scotland as a whole should not get unduly depressed.
      • The incidence of business failures provides a vivid reminder of how fundamentally corporate activity affects the lives and livelihoods of people and communities worldwide.
      • When the Great Depression came in 1929 and business failures became the order of the day Holt, like everyone else, was placed under tremendous pressure.
      • Mass employment and low interest rates, shortages, quotas and regulations were the staples of the British economy in the late 1940s and business failures were few.
      • And more business headlines reveal company failures, wobbly financial markets and the impact of all this on workers' pension plans.
      • He added that, with 17 outdoor shops in the town and a number of recent failures of similar businesses, the new shop may not be viable and could also fall into disrepair.
      • In four years small business failures have trebled.
      • Business failures in the North-west increased by 10.9 per cent in the fourth quarter of last year.
      • The Americans believe that in business, failures are inevitable.
      • It was one of the most high profile Scottish business failures of recent years and left millions owing to creditors.
      • There'll indeed be plenty of business failures, including some weird ones that nobody saw coming.
      • Business failures in the area have bucked the national trend by falling.
      • Some of his business failures were as spectacular as his lavish lifestyle, which was legendary.
      • While you may trust your own children, should they get divorced or be subject to a business failure, your home could be deemed part of their assets and given to another.
      • However, we also recognise that these extra resources will not go far enough to solve the problems and prevent more business failures and bed blocking.

    • 1.2

      (unsuccessful thing, attempt) fracaso masculino
      (insolvency) quiebra femenino
      failure rate proporción de quiebras

    • 1.3(person)

      fracaso masculino
      I feel such a failure me siento fracasado

    • 1.4(breakdown)

      structural failure defecto estructural
      • heart/kidney/respiratory failure insuficiencia cardíaca/renal/respiratoria
      • the progressive failure of her faculties el deterioro progresivo de sus facultades
      • Kidney failure occurs when kidney function deteriorates to such an extent that death will occur without renal replacement therapy such as haemodialysis.
      • The damage can lead to poor liver function and liver failure.
      • This is important for patients with impaired kidney function or liver failure who cannot clear the extra ammonia.
      • These events will typically be copier parts that have failed, leading to the effect of a copier function failure.
      • It is also necessary to exclude reversible causes of failure of brain function, including depressant drugs and hypothermia.
      • The 30 ft vessel, Brilliant, with two people on board, suffered engine failure around 7pm on Sunday.
      • If the General Electric-made engines can be recovered reasonably intact it might be possible to determine if there had been some form of engine failure.
      • He exposed them to great danger, sending them off in overcrowded and unseaworthy boats that experienced engine failure, or sank.
      • Air crash investigators said engine failure may have been one of the factors to blame for the tragedy that unfolded near Hemingbrough.
      • He told the jury he had battled to keep the Lynx helicopter under control after it had suffered engine failure.
      • The concern about engine failure can only be understood by pilots who have flown long distances over water in an airplane with one engine.
      • Five per cent end up with progressive chronic disease and are likely to develop end stage liver failure requiring transplants.
      • Last year his appendix burst and this, doctors believe, is what led to him suffering acute kidney failure, which required more emergency surgery.
      • Ian Grant has suffered total renal failure and now requires dialysis three times a week.
      • A key problem in many patients with respiratory failure requiring intubation is fatigue of respiratory muscles.
      • All 4 experienced muscular weakness and respiratory failure that required intubation.
      • Many more develop acute respiratory failure and require mechanical ventilation.
      • Cost will be an issue, as the procedure will also plan for hardware failure requiring redundancy of actual computers etc.
      • Her respiratory failure requiring intubation was due to bilateral obstructing broncholiths.
      • In view of the role played by aneuploidy in carcinogenesis and in human reproductive failure, this omission is perhaps surprising.

  • 2

    failure to + inf
    • The strictest compliance was expected and failure to comply meant harsh punishment.
    • There is no requirement that failure to comply with these provisions has any causative relationship to the making of the statement.
    • Colleges could face stiff sanctions for failure to comply with requirements, the bill states.
    • It is what the people expect and its failure to govern decisively is the source of popular disillusion with Scottish democracy.
    • Darwin's foremost omission was his failure to progress in elucidating the principles of genetics.
    • We should bear in mind though that growth is never guaranteed and that failure to deliver expected growth could be severely punished.
    • There was no physical act on the part of D which caused the injury but rather an omission, i.e. his failure to apply the handbrake.
    • In all those cases the omission relied on is failure on the part of the defendant to exercise its statutory powers.
    • All these cases were due to failure to comply with the necessary requirements for entering the country, Varvarigu said.
    • Gone was the swagger and prevision to be replaced with a few slack passes and failure to read situations.