Translation of faint in Spanish:


apenas visible, adj.

Pronunciation /feɪnt/

See Spanish definition of ligero

adjective fainter, faintest

  • 1

    • 1.1(barely perceptible)

      (line/mark) apenas visible
      (light/gleam/glow) débil
      (light/gleam/glow) tenue
      (noise/echo/voice) apenas perceptible
      (noise/echo/voice) débil
      (smell/aroma/breeze) ligero
      (smell/aroma/breeze) leve
      • I lie there listening for a few minutes and, just as I'm at the point of giving up and going back to sleep I hear it again - a faint noise, barely audible at all.
      • As I get closer, there's a faint gleam behind the stained-glass windows of the 13th-century abbey.
      • I just lay there listening to the faint beat of his heart.
      • Richard stayed silent, nothing stirred and he could hear his heart beating nervously and the faint crackle of the flames.
      • I could still detect the faint smell of bleach.
      • As they got closer Zoe could see faint outlines of buildings.
      • A faint rustling was heard close to where they were.
      • I strained my ears and was about to give up when the faint sound of a rumbling engine became perceptible.
      • The sound was so faint untrained ears could have barely heard it.
      • Last night on the evening air a faint whiff of garbage floated down the street making the heat even more unbearable.
      • Everywhere they look in the sky, they see a faint glow.
      • Bat calls have to be incredibly loud so that the faint echoes can to be detected.
      • On a small, precarious headland the faint traces of a monastic cell can be seen.
      • A faint trace of wood smoke wisps through the air.
      • There was just a faint scent of lavender and mothballs about her.
      • The only sound is the faint whisper of the air-conditioning.
      • Even now, years later, with a little help from my imagination I can open up that suitcase and still smell their faint aroma.
      • l've been listening to the faint hum of London traffic and the random bangs and crackles of fireworks in nearby parks and gardens.
      • All of the marks on the sides are very faint.
      • He had short black hair and a very faint black moustache, a London accent and a thin build.

    • 1.2(slight)

      (hope/suspicion/smile) ligero
      (hope/suspicion/smile) leve
      (recollection) vago
      (resemblance) vago
      (resemblance) ligero
      • Reports last week suggested that there is now a faint hope of an end to these absurdities.
      • I always have this faint hope that I might stumble across some great find at the flea market.
      • And there's a touch of faint hope in Mr Ward's comment that the bank was considering appealing.
      • Well, with 13 million creatures who have yet to be named is there a faint chance that you might run out of possible names?
      • In short, the whole point of the pub is that you go to relax and talk to people in the faint hope that when you emerge, your mind feels unburdened.
      • United desperately need to win at the Riverside Stadium to maintain their faint hopes of clawing their way back into the title race.
      • I am therefore in the weeks ahead going to be putting up my old academic papers on Blogspot in the faint hope of introducing them to a wider audience.
      • Yes, on one hand he's accepting perhaps the reality, but also on the other hand, he's still trying to see if there is a faint hope he can hang on in there.
      • His tenure closed with a win at Hampden, but it was a hollow victory as faint hopes of qualification for the next World Cup were extinguished.
      • Volunteers' title hopes took a blow when they lost 4-3 at home to Hounds, who still harbour faint hopes of the championship.
      • With a minute to go, Henry pulled his fifth and final foul and left the court, taking with him Kingston's faint hope of winning the game.
      • So on Saturday I went to the Bayshore Winners with the faint hope they would carry the same merchandise.
      • All the while he is in faint hope he can make it home to his beloved.
      • There remains a faint hope that he has been released and is attempting to make his way through the jungle.
      • Today's results extinguished their faint hopes that they could prise back control of the Senate.
      • It was all going nowhere and we were clinging to the faint hope that Kildare might muster something.
      • Is there a touch of faint hope in Mr Ward's comment that the bank was considering appealing?
      • He eked out his drinking water until Tuesday morning, waiting in the faint hope of being found.
      • Only rain could have rescued the home side and a light cloud cover may have raised faint hopes of a miracle but it was all over after India had bowled just 12 balls.
      • I saw a faint glimmer of hope; a chance to derail the topic.

  • 2

    he was faint with hunger estaba desfallecido de hambre
    • I feel faint estoy mareado
    • The acquisition of Edmark was greeted with faint enthusiasm when it was first announced.
    • Hundreds of mourners gather daily, shedding torrents of tears and managing a few faint smiles as they remember their loved ones.
    • They received the faint answer of ‘yes’ and their fears were assuaged; if only for a moment.
    • Ask about the income from playing the instrument, he will give you a faint smile as reply.
    • I made the obvious joke about him looking forward to progressing to the next stage and consuming solids, which got me a faint smile from Quentin.
    • If that seems like faint praise… well, it is.

intransitive verb

  • 1

    I nearly fainted! por poco me desmayo
    • Get the person to lie down on his or her back and elevate the feet higher than the head to keep adequate blood flow to the brain, which will prevent fainting.
    • It was concluded that the pilot had fainted or lost his horizon.
    • Geneva was beginning to faint from lack of oxygen, and when he let go of her, she fell to the floor, desperately trying to see who was fighting the men to save her.
    • He then began to hyperventilate and allegedly fainted and hit the car in front of him.
    • When blood pressure drops, less blood flows to the brain, leading to fainting.
    • The surgery in May came after she had started to suffer alarming ‘blue’ spells, in which she would faint through lack of oxygen.
    • Pacemakers are usually used to treat an abnormally slow heartbeat (heart block) which can cause dizziness, fainting or blackouts.
    • My back was hurting badly and I was fainting, losing my senses.
    • The victim has signs of shock, such as fainting, pale complexion or breathing in a notably shallow manner.
    • The child may tire easily and may even faint from physical activity.
    • Hip fractures were not associated with fainting or the use of sedatives or alcohol.
    • Call the doctor if your child faints more than once in a month.
    • During either stage, the investigator stops the test if the volunteer faints or develops low blood pressure.
    • Common signs of pulmonary hypertension are shortness of breath with activity, feeling tired, fainting and chest pain.
    • Physical activity, even if it's not very strenuous, may trigger extreme fatigue, dizziness or even fainting.
    • The patient hadn't fainted; she'd had a stroke and this was the woman who had been so kind to me.
    • I'd do it myself, but I faint at the sight of a needle.
    • Don't go if you faint at the sight of blood.
    • "I have to go… the incense, it's making me faint.
    • Since the age of 14 he had been fainting and losing consciousness regularly at school.


  • 1

    desmayo masculine
    she collapsed in a dead faint cayó desvanecida
    • If I didn't find food soon I was going to collapse in a dead faint.
    • Suddenly Tina let out a high-pitched wail, jumped from her cot and collapsed in a dead faint onto the floor.
    • As soon as the kiss ended, Jane collapsed in a dead faint on the front steps.
    • I never got any farther than saying Mikasho, for my mother had collapsed in a dead faint.
    • Catalyne soon tired and collapsed in the middle of the street in a dead faint, the young king rushing to her side as the remaining enemy closed in on them.
    • Once free of danger, she collapsed under a tree in a dead faint.
    • Irene shut the door and collapsed on the floor in a dead faint.
    • She collapsed to the ground in a dead faint, and Vixen caught her as she fell.
    • If Prudie's beloved showed up in a skirt and pumps, she would probably wind up in a dead faint, but that's what makes horse races, no?
    • Oreste stumbles, recovers, stumbles again - and measures his length on the ground in a dead faint.
    • The multiple shocks to body and mind sent his wounded psyche catapulting down the dark tunnel to oblivion in a dead faint.
    • Adondra collapses in a dead faint as the power leaves her body, along with the blood from the deep gash on her shoulder.
    • I would have started yelling and hooting with glee in his face, but I was in bed in a dead faint while he was thrown out.
    • Pellew was the one to notice her fatigue and caught her in a dead faint.
    • The first time he had drunk it he had been violently sick, then had fallen to the ground in a dead faint as the mildly poisonous root exploded through his system.
    • He gave a loud, startling, heart-wrenching cry and fell backwards in a dead faint.
    • They both fell to the ground in a dead faint, taking their chairs with them.
    • Everyone in the crowd gasped and Miss Moss fell over in a dead faint with poor little Mr. Goodman to catch her stout figure.
    • Others simply dropped to the ground in a dead faint, overwhelmed by Darkstorm's rage.
    • All she could do was stumble over to her cot and drop in a dead faint.