Translation of faintly in Spanish:


apenas, adv.

Pronunciation /ˈfeɪntli/

See Spanish definition of apenas


  • 1

    (barely perceptibly)
    (see/hear) apenas
    (shine/sound/speak) débilmente
    (smile/laugh) levemente
    (smile/laugh) ligeramente
    the drink tasted faintly bitter la bebida sabía ligeramente amarga
    • it tasted faintly of aniseed tenía un ligero sabor a anís
    • All glasses on the bridges were turned on the Germans, now very faintly to be seen on the horizon.
    • A black cloth was draped on the large cross above the organ in the center of the sanctuary, faintly illuminated.
    • I can see Kirriemuir, barely two miles distant, only faintly through the rain.
    • In his mouth is firmly clamped a white, messy bundle, faintly streaked with red.
    • The overexposed, blurry photos seem to faintly suggest the detailing is exquisite.
    • I could hear dishes clattering faintly in the distance.
    • He could hear them faintly, laughing, most probably at him.
    • I could faintly hear you from where I sat.
    • In the near darkness Jonathan was faintly aware of hazel eyes staring up at him.
    • Ariel is faintly visible from the Earth through large ground-based telescopes.
    • Elisabeth looked at her brother, smiling faintly.
    • Upon saying this, my figure that could vividly be seen in her black pupil began crumbling faintly.
    • Christopher turned and looked at Max, smiling faintly.
    • And then to the northwest, I hear a male owl faintly above the winds.
    • The air is chilly arid clean and smells faintly of cedar.
    • Her face was turned down but he could faintly see the tears as they fell from her cheeks.
    • Finally, you settle onto a couch and smile faintly at a middle-aged woman who is reading a paperback on the loveseat nearby.
    • The skyline faintly reminded me of Chicago.
    • His voice issued faintly from within.
    • I believe there were also a number of decorations on the strip which faintly resembled flowers and small animals.
  • 2

    (interested/amused/surprised) ligeramente
    (amusing/surprising) algo
    I felt faintly ridiculous me sentía algo / un poco ridículo
    • her face faintly resembles her grandfather's de cara se parece un poco al abuelo
    • Just weeks ago, I considered marriage education a faintly embarrassing process.
    • She sits across from me, looking directly at me, her faintly defiant stare a mild puzzle.
    • Nevertheless, there are a couple of faintly serious questions here.
    • There was something faintly rebellious about being Irish in the past.
    • There is, however, something faintly sad about these recent paintings.
    • Mitton suggested an advance, to which Hawking smiled and made a faintly disparaging reply.
    • I whispered, mortified and afraid, but also faintly confused.
    • They try to step into their old shoes and into their old clothes, and they look faintly ridiculous.
    • Pineapples come to us all year but their juice, honeyed yet faintly tart, is more welcome under a grey January sky.
    • Zoo Tycoon was certainly fun and faintly educational, a good game for kids and adults alike.
    • It faintly annoyed Billy that the Trades Hall people did not treat him with more deference.
    • Lizzy was faintly disappointed that William was leaving.
    • Liz looks, well, faintly dumbstruck.
    • It is all tinkling guitars, simple percussion and lovely crystal clear vocals, delivered in a faintly Icelandic accent.
    • It is expertly animated, well paced, and faintly terrifying.
    • The fruit is ripe when it is faintly but perceptibly squashy, especially at the stem end.
    • As a result, the actors look flushed and faintly demonic throughout the picture.
    • I think it seems faintly silly.
    • Before then, there was something faintly disreputable about really big fortunes.
    • Its no longer even faintly pretty but has become a wrinkle of ugliness.