Translation of fairly in Spanish:


limpio, adv.

Pronunciation /ˈfɛrli/ /ˈfɛːli/

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  • 1

    (justly, honestly)
    (play) limpio
    (judge/assess) con imparcialidad
    (divide) equitativamente
    (obtain) limpiamente
    (obtain) en buena lid
    (obtain) en buena ley
    the judge dealt fairly with him el juez fue justo con él
    • Trade doesn't have to exploit the poor; done fairly, it can actually end poverty.
    • Yet we somehow find a way to compete fairly and still get along for the betterment of the team.
    • Would you trust this man to behave fairly, honestly, and ethically in his portfolio?
    • The first data protection principle is that information must be used fairly and lawfully.
    • The dramatist chooses those motives as fairly and as honestly as he can.
    • The tribunal is trying to boost its legitimacy by acting fairly.
    • Their governing principles require that banks act fairly and reasonably in dealings with customers.
    • He quite fairly observed that he hadn't really played backgammon before.
    • He won that position fairly, kept it honourably, and contributed to the British and to the world theatre.
    • We must treat everyone fairly, be open and honest and prepared to justify our decisions when challenged.
    • If these occur, they are dealt with swiftly and fairly, to restore security to all in the facility.
    • Ensuring this money is used fairly to the benefit of all the world's people is therefore a matter of increasing urgency.
    • I think it's fair to say that we have made fairly substantial progress.
    • If they are found to have acted fairly, then everybody knows as well.
  • 2

    • 2.1(moderately)

      (large/small/old) bastante
      I'm fairly sure estoy casi segura
      • Most of our fine police officers have a fairly large degree of discretion to use.
      • It's still fairly big and quite bulky but we're gradually getting there.
      • The demo came out really well; recorded fairly quickly, pretty much live and without too much fuss.
      • The trouble is, when I get in a mood like that, I can be quite destructive and fairly unpleasant to be around.
      • It was cooked up with egg, bits of barbecue pork and shrimp, for a fairly satisfying result.
      • They have a good reputation locally, and the chap says that they get asked to do this sort of thing fairly frequently.
      • Saturday I was on call and spent a fairly long time sorting the ward out at the hospital.
      • If there was a slip it was simply a slip, but the reasons are fairly obvious.
      • It fell to her mid thigh, making it a fairly long skirt in comparison to most she owned.
      • It was a pretty animal, fairly large and muscular for a cat with a silky, dark blue-black coat and violet eyes.
      • I've done some fairly harsh probing on this subject and, to be honest, it turns out to be a really good deal.
      • One of the problems I find when listening to commercial radio is the constant repetition of fairly long adverts.
      • I've been through a phase of having a fair amount of capital and I was fairly miserable to be honest.
      • I am fairly difficult to get along with apparently and we haven't talked in a number of years.
      • There was nothing to this and by the time I'd gone a block, I was fairly speeding along.
      • The young woman paced along fairly quickly, her handbag swinging back and forth and her nose held high in the air.

    • 2.2 informal (really)

      • Uh Huh Her was written and recorded entirely in her Dorset home, and is a fairly extreme reaction to her previous work.
      • We're fairly surprised that Whitney and Bobby are now officially the tackiest couple of the year.
      • After what happened last time, I was fairly surprised that he stopped at all.
      • Between these two extremes the mountains are fairly barren with only little pockets of fertile soil.
      • We were all fairly surprised to find ourselves barely able to walk straight when we finally did get up.
      • In the history of empire and colonialism, the voices raised in dissent are fairly few actually.
      • I'm fairly surprised at the technician who presents herself to my office.
      • You could imagine that Lynn was fairly surprised when she saw who she had been sat next to.
      • So in each case, it tends to be fairly extreme behaviour that's likely to give rise to liability.
      • True insomnia, the inability to get to sleep or maintain sleep is actually fairly rare.
      • You would be fairly surprised at some of the people who smoke cannabis.
      • Companies have ingrained practices and fairly frozen allocations of marketing funds.
      • I have any number of fairly prurient interests, among them, a penchant for gossip columns.
      • But it ought to come with a word of warning for drivers: it is fairly alcoholic.
      • After all, not wearing any clothes at all is fairly hazardous, especially if the sun is making you a little delirious.
      • Many are nursing painful losses and are likely to give a fairly rude response when asked to support the next foreign Aim float.
      • Regi Claire hasn't set out to write an erotic novel, though The Beauty Room fairly hums with sexual tension.
      • So I think it was a fairly brave an courageous artwork to commemorate a brave and courageous event.
      • Iranians come from a fairly different culture in regard to the interaction between women and men.
      • But fairly few people have studied the media even in the moderate depth that I have done.