Traducción de fairy tale en español:

fairy tale

cuento de hadas, n.

Pronunciación /ˈfɛri teɪl/


(fairy story)
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    cuento de hadas masculino
    • She was due to play Cinderella in a school rendition of the classic fairy tale, but shocked staff cancelled the production.
    • My favourite fairy tale was The Little Mermaid and that was because Ariel got her prince just by loving him.
    • There's constant repetition which, at times, gives the writing the soothing familiarity of a fairy tale.
    • Whether it was true or not, I preferred it to remain a fairy tale - like that of Santa Claus.
    • As such, it may be a fairy tale but it has a good pedagogical ring to it.
    • It has a charm and simplicity you'd expect to find in a fairy tale.
    • It is not often I compare my life to a fairy tale but I'm feeling like a character from Hans Christian Andersen.
    • The Emperor's New Clothes is a very literal title, having nothing to do with the fairy tale.
    • He spent summers at Bridge House in Arncliffe and was inspired by the dales to write his fairy tale The Water Babies.
    • Vikas Rai Chauhan has brought alive a fairy tale of Hansel and Gretel in the celebrations.
    • I dreamed of living in a flat like that and used to spend hours looking at the pictures like a child immersed in a fairy tale.
    • Swan Lake was based on a German fairy tale and set to music by Tchaikovsky.
    • The impression that I got from the movie was that it was only based on the fairy tale.
    • This is a satisfying variation on the usual fairy tale in which knights compete for the hand of a princess.
    • The snow abruptly stops and the world has changed into marzipan, the fairy tale complete.
    • In the fairy tale, the match girl, unable to sell any matches, freezes to death in the street.
    • All of this so far might sound like a fairy tale had it not been for a tragic surprise.
    • It is a fairy tale with very rich, detailed characters who have history and depth to them.
    • Now is an entirely new place, as though I had stepped through a window into a fairy tale.
    • Its ideal form is the fairy tale, a container of myth related in the simplest language.
    • Still, this is a fairy story so something magical is bound to occur.
    • This fine poem captures the core of our experience of death through striking images, which remain in the mind like a fairy story about evil remains with a child.
    • As a fairy story, illustrated with children's book animation, it follows tradition - the nice magician and the (not too) nasty magician battle it out for the king and queen's favour.
    • But this adds one more delightful twist to the whole fairy story: what if Ranieri was right all along?
    • It is a delightful re-telling of the fairy story, The Princess and the Pea.
    • This year's Christmas production at the Wharf Theatre in Devizes is a musical version of Hans Christian Andersen's fairy story, The Ugly Duckling.
    • The whale, whether in the fairy story of Pinocchio, the Biblical story of Jonah, or the popular myth of Hiawatha is a monster that devours humans whole.
    • Portia raised her eyebrows, ‘What, do YOU think you live in a fairy story, Lily?’
    • She treats me like the rotten stepmother in a fairy story no matter what I say.
    • It looks so much like a church from a fairy story that I had a hard time listening to the sermon.
    • Staging an intriguing version of the fairy story Sleeping Beauty with a vast cast of 90 young ballet dancers, aged between eight and 18 years, is an impressive task, writes Christine van Emst.
    • And like the famous Rumpelstiltskin of the fairy story, he's going to stamp his feet in the ground one day, and just plain disappear - for his own good.
    • Coelho's idea might be nice: a fairy story for adults about a simple shepherd boy who learns - from his travels through a fantasy land not far from the reality where we live - to be more in tune in with the world.
    • At Opera North in 1999, Francisco Negrin attempted to turn the opera into a fairy story, complete with Fiakermilli as Fairy God Mother.
    • Using the classic fairy story, director Noreen Kershaw and a supremely talented young cast have created a midwinter night's dream for all ages to savour.
    • In 1897 he had completed an unconventional melodrama, Königskinder, to a fairy story by Elsa Bernstein.
    • A simple fairy story well told, the movie is well observed, politically and cultural aware without ever risking pretension.
    • Whoever it was that decided to combine (mostly friendly) dinosaurs with a fairy story is a genius.
    • In the study of his north London house a cartoon hangs on the wall showing a mother and father reading a fairy story to their little girl.
    • It's not exactly the childhood fairy story most of us are familiar with.
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    (fabricated story)
    cuento (chino) masculino despectivo
    • After contacting them, as they never do you, contrary to the agreement, you are treated to apologies and `fairy stories' that it will not happen again.
    • Of course it does, and the 'fairy stories' turn into lies.
    • Just don't start believing the fairytales about spring records meaning anything.
    • This whole thing is the biggest fairy tale I've ever seen.
    • And that was a big surprise to many people who expected Russia Today to go and tell all the fairy tales about Russia to the world.
    • That strikes me as a fairy tale.
    • As the UN report demonstrates, it was all a horrible fairy tale.
    • They had their fairy tales, of course, but they were grossly inaccurate pieces of fiction that had long since strayed from the actual facts.


(fairy story)
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    (romance/wedding) de cuento
    (princess) de cuento de hadas
    (mansion) de ensueño
    (mansion) de película