Traducción de fait accompli en Español:

fait accompli

hecho consumado, n.

Pronunciación /ˌfɛd əkɑmˈpli/ /ˌfeɪd əkɑmˈpli/ /ˌfeɪt əˈkɒmpli/

nombreplural faits accomplis

  • 1

    hecho consumado masculino
    to present sb with a fait accompli presentarle a algn un hecho consumado
    • Many protestors have claimed the closure was already a fait accompli, and yesterday the consultation exercise was branded a sham by some of those opposed to the closure.
    • We feel the proposal has been presented as a fait accompli with no other options provided.
    • It looked like the watergas option was a fait accompli with the Stratford Town Board, until a forward-thinking man stepped into the fray.
    • The workforce was thus presented with a fait accompli: either accept a deal with worse conditions or face redundancy.
    • It is simply accepted as a fait accompli that the millions who live along the Mekong will suffer time and again from preventable flooding.
    • A coup d' état depends upon the predisposition of the people to accept the fait accompli.
    • John, however, refuses to accept his currently loveless life as a fait accompli.
    • Without banns or a wedding ceremony, he took her for his wife merely by declaring the deed a fait accompli.
    • If they have decided to take military action against you it is a fait accompli.
    • Despite their rhetorical bluster at the rallies, there is every sign that the unions already regard the new legislation as a fait accompli.
    • At the eleventh hour, I realized that something that all the commentators had referred to as if it were a fait accompli was actually very much up in the air.
    • So often, we are presented with, as I said, the fait accompli, ‘This is what we are going to do, what do you think about it?’
    • Instead, he presented the program as a fait accompli, and as a strong leader his demands for loyalty drowned out any voices arguing for debate or amendment.
    • Villagers who are investors in the society and relied upon it as their bank claimed they were not consulted about the closure and that it was a fait accompli by the time they learned it was about to happen.
    • However, he said that he had no regrets about bringing the relevant information into the public domain before it was presented to the public as a fait accompli.
    • Indeed, many of the staff and students feel that they haven't been consulted adequately in an appraisal that has been presented as a fait accompli.
    • Then in September, they say, district officials presented the no-park plan as a veritable fait accompli.
    • A union was today pressing for plans to close a York packaging factory to be reversed - while admitting that the decision seemed a fait accompli.
    • At that stage it was still far from a fait accompli, given United's impressive home record which has seen them unbeaten on their own turf since November.
    • If the junior colleague has a book in hand or an acceptance letter from the director of the university press, tenure is a fait accompli.