Traducción de faith healing en español:

faith healing


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    curación a través de la oración y la fe
    • When an alleged cure by faith healing occurs in a religious context it is usually called a miracle.
    • A couple of sections are dedicated to folk remedies and faith healing.
    • Articles on feng shui, crystal therapy, iridology, colonic irrigation, herbalism and faith healing sweep the media every week.
    • Alternative healing methods are widely used, such as faith healing, chiropractic, and traditional ‘bush’ remedies based on indigenous plants.
    • He has gone on record to state that he has used laying on of hands such as faith healing and Sigils, for healing
    • There has been little attention to the margins of religious experience, for example, faith healing and mysticism.
    • This led into a discussion lasting for more than three hours that ranged from religion to faith healing.
    • Nathan, in her late 40s, said she could sing seven Indonesian folk songs, which she learned some years ago while attending a course offered by the Subud faith healing and spiritual organization in Cilandak, South Jakarta.
    • Indeed, faith healing seems to be an important aspect of Protestant churches' attraction to believers, as well as the provision of a more traditional kind of medical assistance to the public.
    • The popularity of angels, psychic phenomena, faith healing, meditation, and near-death experiences testifies to a paradigm shift in our concept of reality.
    • Additionally, and despite awareness of the shortcomings of faith healers, this group relied on faith healing.
    • There was the ‘Charismatic Movement,’ which embraced things like speaking in tongues, faith healing, visions, prophecy, and the like that were shunned by the staid mainstream churches of the time.
    • Depending on the circumstances, we describe these different forms of recovery with terms like psychic healing, spiritual healing, faith healing, laying-on-of-hands, etc.
    • His peculiar skills, which combine faith healing, gentle manipulation and massage, may raise the hackles of conventional animal doctors, but they seem to work.
    • I read somewhere that Athey was raised by his grandmother and aunt and was groomed for a career as a fundamentalist minister in the Pentecostal church, and that in his early years he spoke in tongues and was involved in faith healing.
    • In 1991, about 25 percent of inhabitants claimed to believe in astrology and good luck charms, and 42 percent believed in fortune-telling and faith healing.
    • He gained an early reputation for faith healing and clairvoyance and won fame throughout Mexico for his playful and unorthodox cures for a range of maladies including cancer and lameness.
    • More than 60 people came for faith healing, including a blind boy, a boy with a lame leg, an old woman with a headache and a man with piles.
    • He was to be in town for two nights, and inside of those two nights there was going to be a lot of purging of demons, faith healing, mind reading, future forecasting and the like.
    • Piety and faith healing, within approved ecclesial limits, are found in other contexts than holy wells to the present day among parish members of the Reformed and Roman traditions.