Traducción de faithfully en español:


Pronunciación /ˈfeɪθfəli/ /ˈfeɪθfʊli/ /ˈfeɪθf(ə)li/

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  • 1

    • 1.1(sincerely)

      I swear faithfully juro por mi honor
      • I promised faithfully to come di mi palabra de que iría

    • 1.2(loyally)

      (follow/serve) fielmente
      • The humbled Wolsey, weeping at Cromwell's loyalty, urges him to forsake him and serve the King faithfully.
      • I glance at the family retainer who has served the Dimplers faithfully since well before the old King's father passed.
      • ‘It is a very sad day for the city of York and the people that he has served so faithfully over many years,’ he said.
      • He was the last of the three brothers and his death marked the close of a chapter of great service to the church they loved and faithfully served.
      • It cost £5 over ten years ago and has served me faithfully ever since.
      • It's an obligation we have to our war fighters to take care of them after they faithfully serve this nation.
      • General Ward had served the Qing Dynasty faithfully but why was his burial place was in such a miserable condition?
      • In her testimony, Graner's mother described her son as a kind and gentle man who faithfully served his country.
      • There was no eulogy for the man who had served the party faithfully since 1932.
      • You have a notebook that is already a few years old but still serves you faithfully.
      • You've served me faithfully these long years, I'll not be breaking my word to you.
      • I have served him faithfully since I've been his subject and have helped him prosper.
      • He is deeply involved with our homeless ministry and serves faithfully on our board of trustees.
      • He had served faithfully, with the idea that he could do good for his country.
      • Ching has become old and gaunt, but he is still an honest man who faithfully serves Wang Lung.
      • The woman withdrew her resignation and served him faithfully for many more years.
      • It is custom to make any sacrifice in order to serve faithfully, is it not?
      • I have served the army faithfully and I have done everything the army has asked me to do.
      • The Army continues to serve our great Nation well and faithfully as it has in the past.
      • Citizens really want to see police engage faithfully in preventing and fighting crimes to regain their confidence.

    • 1.3(regularly)

      (attend/visit) religiosamente

  • 2

    (record/translate/copy) fielmente
    • We base that on the fact that he faithfully summed up the evidence on intoxication, but did not give that familiar direction which he must have been aware of.
    • Rather, the attempt is merely to recreate their personas as faithfully and realistically as possible.
    • She believed that what she was seeing was true, and she faithfully recorded it.
    • As such, this is one aspect of the space opera genre that Vinge retains faithfully in his novels.
    • Members of Atkins's audience fainted as a result of his attempt to stage the Shakespearian original as faithfully as possible.
    • My promise to myself is that I will write down what I find as faithfully and accurately as any human can.
    • She recently left a preview screening with a moist eye and a welter of praise for the team who faithfully realised the adaptation.
    • The film faithfully follows the Harris mixture of fiction and fact.
    • An autobiography is an attempt to bring up all the facts, and to stick to them, faithfully and chronologically.
    • We only print what we know to be true, and what information has emerged has been faithfully and honestly reported.
    • But recently Tan began to question how faithfully people trust what is presented as true.
    • I can't thank them enough for reading me faithfully and carefully, and for joining me in obsessing over books.
    • I believe that the judiciary of this country has been interpreting the law faithfully and accurately.
    • The colors overall look to be fairly faithfully rendered, but they look faded and dull.
    • If you've been reading this newsletter faithfully, then you know this to be true.
    • Black levels are accurate and the various earth tones are faithfully rendered in golds and browns.
    • It is hardest to think deep thoughts and record them faithfully in a manner that people will understand.
    • Across the span of time, sons faithfully transmitted the literary heritage of the fathers.
    • The legendary sounds of The Eagles are faithfully and brilliantly recreated by Talon on Thursday, October 7.
    • For over three decades he had his own ‘run’ and faithfully delivered the post in all kinds of weather.