Translation of falconer in Spanish:


halconero, n.

Pronunciation /ˈfælkənər/ /ˈfɔː(l)k(ə)nə/ /ˈfɒlk(ə)nə/

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    halconero masculine
    halconera feminine
    • Sometimes they will bring in a falconer with a live falcon and scare the birds away.
    • Quebec's falconers have the right to allow their birds of prey to soar overhead but the birds are forbidden to swoop down and nab other beasts.
    • He explained that female birds are more often kept by falconers because they are more vicious hunters and better flyers, making them good for displays.
    • The falconers show us their range of beautiful but fairly sinister birds - hawks, eagles, vultures etc - and then treat us to an outdoor display with a falcon.
    • Flushing out mammals to be caught by a bird is not an offence, although a trained falconer would probably have to be on hand to supervise the procedure.