Translation of falconry in Spanish:


cetrería, n.

Pronunciation /ˈfælkənri/ /ˈfɔː(l)k(ə)nri/ /ˈfɒlk(ə)nri/


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    cetrería feminine
    • Employees from Ashford Castle's school of falconry bring hawks and falcons to Rathroeen where they keep vermin and other birds at bay.
    • Hunting, falconry, fishing, rowing and sailing were all considered suitable pastimes for a freeman or noble, which left the more ignoble sports of grappling with others to the lower classes.
    • The medieval hunting tradition of falconry was outlawed in Quebec in the early '80s, and we remain one of the last places in North America to ban the aerial hunt.
    • Wanting to protect falconry as a sport, the government did not restrict the number of dogs that can be used to flush wild mammals for a bird of prey.
    • The ancient, highly ritualized practice of falconry provided another source of positive associations for birds of prey.
    • Humans have used raptors (both Accipitrids and falcons) for hunting and recreation in the form of falconry since as early as 2000 BC.
    • Beyond the main flying arena which is used for falconry displays and training courses, there are numerous barns and aviaries for housing and breeding the birds.
    • He was particularly interested in the courtiers and the ancient sports they practiced, including falconry and the use of trained cheetahs to hunt deer and gazelle.
    • The Rural Affairs Minister unveiled proposals to relax the ban on hunting with hounds and falconry.
    • In the seventeenth centaury, there was a decline of falconry, and it was then that groups of hunters and their hounds first established ‘organised’ hunting in England.
    • A current population estimate is needed to help assess the influence that trapping for falconry has on the population as it migrates through Eurasia.
    • The country sports area alongside the lake will include hunting, shooting, fishing and gun dog scurry together with falconry and ferrets and a live smithing competition each day.
    • Attractions include working crafts and conservation marquees, an art exhibition, falconry and archery displays as well as a demonstration of carriage driving.