Translation of fallback in Spanish:


Pronunciation /ˈfɔlˌbæk/ /ˈfɔːlbak/


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    I've always got my secretarial skills as a fallback siempre puedo trabajar como secretaria si fuera necesario
    • the fund will be a useful fallback if profits are down este fondo nos servirá de colchón si bajan las ganancias
    • we want a 5% increase, but 4% is our fallback position queremos el 5% de aumento, pero podríamos llegar a transigir por el 4%
    • The plan hadn't gone well at all and the four had been forced to resort to their fallback plan.
    • If that technique, if that strategy, doesn't work, the fallback plan would be taking my major priorities and turning them into initiatives and going directly to the people.
    • I wouldn't recommend this as a strategy, but it sure looks like a joyful fallback plan!
    • There was this scholarship, which I did eventually win, but I had a secret fallback plan if I hadn't have won the scholarship -
    • Make sure you have a fallback plan in case something goes terribly wrong