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fallow deer

gamo, n.

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    gamo masculino
    • Britain's deer population is made up of six different species, native types such as the red deer and roe deer, as well as species which have been introduced sika, muntjac, Chinese water deer and the fallow deer.
    • The new deer family tree suggests that fallow deer split from giant deer between four and five million years ago, becoming smaller and sleeker over time.
    • Half a mile to the north, a scattered herd of fallow deer nosed at the snow-covered roots of wide-spaced, scraggly trees sprouting from the rubble of an ancient landslide.
    • Walkers can sample the delights of the surrounding woodlands on a circuit of the crags, with lots of wildlife to look out for, including the secretive fallow deer and a wide variety of birds.
    • Roe and fallow deer often roam the park, giving the public the chance to see them in a natural setting and information about the deer will now be provided to enhance this experience.