There are 2 main translations of false in Spanish

: false1false2


falso, adj.

Pronunciation /fɔls/ /fɔːls/ /fɒls/

Definition of falso in Spanish


  • 1

    • 1.1(untrue)

      (statement/rumor/accusation) falso

    • 1.2(incorrect)

      (belief/idea) equivocado
      (belief/idea) erróneo
      to put a false interpretation on sth hacer una interpretación errónea de algo
      • to sing a false note dar una nota falsa
      • true or false? ¿verdadero o falso?
      • one false move and you're dead! ¡un movimiento en falso y te mato!
      • a false step un paso en falso
      • She lashed out at ‘certain media organisations [that] have distorted facts and spread false rumours’.
      • This study points out that most of the published results of medical research are, in fact, false.
      • We make no claim that something is incorrect, false, or erroneous.
      • A lack of diligence in these responsibilities will result in the company being accused of making false statements of material facts in financial reports.
      • Someone was in fact willing to defend spreading rumors and false information on the Internet!
      • In recent years, I have become convinced that one of the biggest obstacles to information security is incorrect reasoning based on false analogies.
      • There are three main aspects of market abuse - misuse of information, creating false / misleading impressions, and distortion.
      • However, when the information is false, malicious, misleading and is a personal attack on me, then I feel I have no other choice but to defend myself and set the record straight.
      • Unproven claims cleverly mask the truth with false doctrines about nature's workings that distort unsuspecting perceptions of reality.
      • He was found guilty of sexual harassment, making false mileage claims, giving false or misleading information to the club's marketing committee and gross incompetence.
      • Those found to have released false or misleading information face criminal prosecution and fines of up to HK $10 million.
      • Why did the minister provide false and misleading information to the South Australian police minister?
      • It will also be a criminal offence to give false or misleading information to the Ombudsman Commission.
      • He has gathered evidence of corruption and fraud and collected his findings in a vast private archive that will now be his main weapon in sorting out the truth from propaganda and false allegations.
      • Now, I expect that you will not take three months to publicly apologize for spreading false truths about me.
      • Both facts are, of course, true in one sense - but putting them together without the third fact gives a completely false impression.
      • Modal logic has a more sophisticated truth definition in which formulas are not simply globally true or false; their truth depends on your point of view.
      • Another abuse of the freedom of expression would be to make a false statement of fact that others could be expected to rely upon when making a decision to purchase something.
      • Her statement, however, is incorrigibly abstract and false in its application to the circumstances.
      • The distinction between natural and artificial chemical is a false one, used by advertisers to market a product and usually at a higher cost!

    • 1.3(misplaced)

      (modesty/pride) falso
      to put sb in a false position poner a algn en una situación comprometida
      • I forced a smile, a lying, deceitful, false smile, as if that was the most ridiculous thing I had ever heard.
      • Faith said with false sympathy that sounded sincere.
      • Another small gem goes like this: ‘Resist whispered speech and false pleasant smiles when in the boss's company.’
      • They use scantily clad models and people who offer false smiles to convince me that their goods (which are usually bad for me) are fun and harmless.
      • It's more a quest for the tiny slices of life, the images not posed, not burdened by forced smiles or false camaraderie.
      • The rides look old and crummy, paint peeling, false smiles painted on everything.
      • She gave him a false smile and dissolved into a bout of strong tears, overwhelmed with emotion of such change that had taken place and yearning for her real home, the home she belonged in.
      • ‘Different look, but the same person inside,’ he said, his smile not false.
      • They still wore somber colors and false smiles.
      • She grinned, the smile feeling false on her face.
      • She met the stranger's with her best false smile.
      • Even your smiles are false, and awkward to behold.
      • Emerald smiled faintly, but the smile seemed false.
      • However, she had to continue her façade of being a noble lady, so she simply forced a false smile onto her face.
      • She had composed herself and was full of polite words and false smiles.
      • She went through the days with a false smile; going to work, making dinner, doing the laundry.
      • I stifled a false sob and smiled weakly, as in my mind I thought how ridiculous this whole situation was.
      • Soon I would be thrust into the upper-class whirlwind of lies and false smiles.
      • Crystal approached her with a motherly smile and a false calm performance.
      • Nobara walked quickly down the stairs, looking from side to side, flashing a false smile to the crowd.

  • 2

    • 2.1(not genuine)

      (eyelashes/fingernails/beard) postizo
      (pearls/passport/name) falso
      false bottom doble fondo
      • false ceiling cieloraso suspendido
      • A generation ago, women were asking each other why they were wasting half the day fitting corsets and false eyelashes, and the other half trying to perfect an orange souffle.
      • Cohen saw potential in a beauty parlour where women could get make-up done, have eyebrows plucked or false eyelash extensions applied.
      • Traditional false eyelashes are uncomfortable and difficult to apply.
      • Her make-up was all warm brown and dark black tones, and if Anne's wasn't mistaken… she was wearing false eyelashes.
      • For glamorous eyes, we'd use false eyelashes, although we'd cut them in half to avoid looking too artificial.
      • They had false eyelashes, they had shaven their eyebrows, and they had coloured in 12 tones from the eyelash up to the eyebrows.
      • Giselle blinked with her long, false eyelashes, then began to lead the way, Desiree trailing behind her.
      • For a subtle effect, use only half a false eyelash on the outer corner of each eye; apply from the outer edge in.

    • 2.2(unnatural, forced)

      (smile/laugh) falso

  • 3archaic, literary

    (friend/spouse) infiel
    • True in love ever be, unless thy lover's false to thee.

There are 2 main translations of false in Spanish

: false1false2