Translation of false dawn in Spanish:

false dawn

inicio prematuro, n.


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    inicio prematuro masculine
    • The past five years have been peppered with false dawns from the two inquiries by outside police forces, which brought her no satisfaction, to the first inquest in 2002, which devastated her with its open verdict.
    • It all looks very promising - yet false dawns and fresh starts are common in Africa.
    • There must not be any more lost opportunities or false dawns.
    • Was the perception of hip-hop as a cultural and political force maybe a false dawn, even back in the Eighties?
    • We've had a few false dawns this year where we've had one or two results but then went back to square one.
    • But after several false dawns and funding setbacks, councillors were today able to confirm that the money was finally in place.
    • This may be the day when, finally, after all the false dawns and dashed hopes, peace replaces war.
    • Through thirty years of setbacks, false dawns, raised and disappointed hopes, he kept at the peace process until it bore fruit in the Good Friday Agreement.
    • The Olympics confirmed that in six months he had acquired a position of leadership in an Argentina team wary of false dawns but with grounds for optimism ahead of the 2006 World Cup.
    • Given the false dawns that have broken over the area, including five grandiose development plans which have been presented over the past 15 years with no more to show for themselves than the last one, one may ask why it has taken them so long.
    • The French Republic has had too many constitutions, too many false gods and too many false dawns to go in for the hero-worship of its founding fathers that gives Americans such satisfaction.
    • As he said himself, the prime minister has lived through too many false dawns since 1997 to use such phrases as ‘a step of unparalleled magnitude’ without being reasonably confident.
    • But many have, and after four decades or so of false dawns, the candidate who convinces the punters that the Bingley relief road is finally coming will certainly not lose votes.
    • ‘We have been here before,’ said one, referring to the many false dawns of the past.
    • Of course there have been some false dawns along the way, players who were hailed as the next great thing but unfortunately never made it.
    • The others have just had so many false dawns they've learnt not to be too gung-ho, which is good news from an investment point of view.
    • He was forced to endure 10 months of rehabilitation, exacerbated by countless false dawns, and the knowledge that his career had been grounded just when it should have been taking off.
    • There have been plenty of false dawns at White Hart Lane down the years, but their aspirations of European football next season look more realistic than for a good while
    • There have been too many false dawns so a cut in interest rates would be a timely and wise move.
    • Perhaps the optimism is slightly guarded, as there have been false dawns at other clubs in the past when new owners have come in.