Translation of false start in Spanish:

false start

salida nula, n.


  • 1

    salida nula feminine
    salida en falso feminine
    • It was not a ‘tragedy’ when he was disqualified for a false start in an Olympic trials race earlier this year, he said in mild rebuke of Prime Minister John Howard.
    • Thorpe has been robbed of a chance to defend his 400m freestyle title in Athens after being disqualified for a false start.
    • After three false starts, Ferrari was in bad shape; and Schumacher's abilities were being gleefully questioned.
    • His nerves could easily have been torn to shreds following a series of false starts which led to the Greek Georgios Theodoridis being disqualified.
    • A fiasco involving the starting tape led to a false start being called but most of the field were oblivious and carried on.
  • 2

    (to career, speech)
    intento fallido masculine
    • I've had a complicated history with jazz, with many false starts, disappointing attempts to divine the pantheon and forays into stuff I absolutely hated.
    • In a way, I am glad the monsoon has finally begun after all the false starts caused by atmospheric depressions in the Arabian Sea end of May.
    • Following several false starts in attempting to bring it back, the drama will finally be premiered in a webcast on BBCi in the spring.
    • Unfortunately, the history of the region is replete with false peaces, false starts and unilateral attempts to impose a settlement.
    • After several years and many false starts, work is about to begin on the new airport.
    • Indeed, false starts and incomplete fictions proliferate, until the ‘real’ story comes to the surface, barely 30 pages before the novel's conclusion.
    • I believe in failure, false starts, lots of mistakes, and falling down.
    • After a couple of false starts, Neil and Brenda begin dating, and their relationship grows serious.
    • After a false start in his master's style he began a series of large pictures with themes drawn from French history painted in an eclectic manner.
    • The move to the Kingston Communications Stadium was always meant to herald a new era for the Tigers and after a couple of false starts that has proved to be the case.
    • There have been too many false starts, but there are promising signs.
    • Just as it was wrong-headed to write off England so soon after yet another false start in a World Cup, so it would be rash now to declare them the new favourites on the evidence of one admittedly outstanding performance.