Translation of falsies in Spanish:


rellenos, n.

Pronunciation /ˈfɔlsiz/ /ˈfɔːlsɪz/ /ˈfɒlsɪz/

plural noun

  • 1

    (para sostén) rellenos masculine
    • A full set of falsies is the best way to achieve high-impact 1960s eyes.
    • While celebs rely on fake lashes to get the look, falsies aren't practical for everyday.
    • If, in addition, you are in the world's top five, and brimming with self-belief, you have to wear a bra complete with falsies and a bejewelled, female bun-warmer, so your opponent and the audience get one good laugh.
    • Crawford worried that she looked flat-chested in her bedridden scenes so she began wearing larger falsies.
    • What a strange place to live, guys walking round in dresses and falsies and nobody gives a hoot.
    • My grandmother Rose wrote a letter to my mom not long after I was born, advising her not to ‘wear falsies that are too prominent as they are not only cheap but tempt you know whom’!
    • If I'm doing the ‘guy in make-up’ look (which I have been known to do) then I certainly wouldn't opt for the bra and falsies.