Translation of family practice in Spanish:

family practice

medicina general, n.


  • 1

    (general medicine)
    medicina general feminine
    • In addition to working in family practice he charted the pattern of the common diseases that he saw clinically.
    • Negative undergraduate experiences may discourage men from involvement in contraception and gynaecological problems in family practice.
    • When he emigrated to Canada he developed an interest in the family practice department at St Paul's Hospital.
    • Exercise is healthy for most expectant mothers, says Dr. Fick, associate clinical professor of family practice at the University of Iowa College of Medicine.
    • I want to go into pediatrics or family practice.
    • Recently, family practice as a specialty has gained in popularity.
    • Simultaneously, family practice went into decline, and the era of medical specialization was born.
    • After finishing her residency in community and family practice, she spent a year volunteering at the clinic.
    • The regional committee consisted of representatives from the various FHP departments, such as internal medicine, family practice, and surgery.
  • 2

    (medical practice)
    consultorio masculine
    consulta feminine
    • In 1979, they moved to a small town in Texas, where Richard established a family practice.
    • He also maintains a private family practice at the Center for Women's Health/Center for Naturopathic Medicine in Connecticut.
    • In my family practice, garlic oil is a staple amongst my pediatric patients.
    • He and his wife settled into a family practice in Vermont.
    • This is the conclusion of a study conducted in 20 family practices in New England.
    • Experts have called for the introduction of suicide awareness and prevention programmes in schools and family practices where pointers can be identified.
    • Both studies conclude that domestic violence is common among patients attending family practices, but the situation is frequently unrecognized.
    • The test-and-treat study recruited 294 adult patients from 36 family practices in Canada.
    • By 1955 he had opened his own family practice in Montreal, where he became one of the first doctors to offer contraceptive treatments.
    • She established a family practice in Vanderhoof and was also associated with a cancer clinic that opened at St. John Hospital in 2008.