Traducción de famished en español:


famélico, adj.

Pronunciación /ˈfæmɪʃt/ /ˈfamɪʃt/

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    I'm famished! ¡estoy famélico / muerto de hambre! coloquial
    • She had to admit she was quite hungry, famished even.
    • Ashton while we do this go into the kitchen and eat something, you look famished.
    • We were running a little late and I was famished, so we broke a rule and had a light lunch in the coffee shop.
    • ‘The last of us finally got home at 8am, but only because we were famished - and couldn't find a cafe open to cook us breakfast,’ said coach Andy Geary.
    • I was famished by the time we came to the canteen and, for once, the whole group was assembled there - - only, they sat at separate tables.
    • Since we were all famished and couldn't wait to get to a restaurant, the rest of us stayed in the van while Ramon went inside to get his brother.
    • I was absolutely famished but could not manage more than a third of the serving.
    • Boy, I'm famished… can we stop at a café and eat before we meet up with Tamika?
    • Oh well, I'm famished and a good meal is what I need.
    • She'd had no sleep the night before and she was famished.
    • Anyways, I got to go because my mother said dinner is done and I have to eat something because I'm famished.
    • He had been too sorrowful earlier to notice but now that Bryan mentioned it, he was famished, he hadn't eaten all day.
    • Speaking of being hungry for Greek, get me to the nearest falafel stand - I'm famished!