Translation of fancy-free in Spanish:


Pronunciation /ˈˌfænsi ˈfri/


  • 1

    → see footloose
    • Over the first hour we look at the difference between being an office drone and a fancy-free freelancer and how I react differently to the two very different ways of working.
    • But then there's the flip side of the countercultural dream: the individualistic fantasy of escaping from all permanent ties, drifting footloose and fancy-free from one address to another.
    • Sure, I had plenty of experience with the opposite sex, especially in my ‘high flying’ days as a salesman, when I had money to burn, nice cars, and a foot loose and fancy-free lifestyle.
    • His footloose and fancy-free lifestyle means he had no qualms about buying a home in New Zealand and opening a restaurant in the heart of Newmarket where competition is brisk.
    • I can remember the fancy-free days of my youth when ice cream was a delightful and innocent treat.