Translation of fang in Spanish:


colmillo, n.

Pronunciation /fæŋ/ /faŋ/

Definition of colmillo in Spanish


  • 1

    (of dog, wolf) colmillo masculine
    (of snake) diente masculine
    (of human) colmillo masculine
    (of human) canino masculine
    • I looked under and behind me to see the wolf flash its fangs and sharp teeth at me, giving another howl.
    • The white dragon took a few bold steps towards him and bared its sharp fangs.
    • As the wolf drew nearer, fangs bared ready to pounce, I closed my eyes and waited for the wolf to hit…
    • Gemini shouted a warning as the canine bared its fangs and leaped towards them.
    • There was no need for me to look up to find every single pair of hungry wolf eyes glaring at me, fangs bared and growling.
    • The snake had dislodged its fangs, slithering after her with sureness of the ground it moved upon, then climbed up a tree.
    • But before the snake demon's fangs could get in too deep, it collapsed, headless.
    • No slow toxin drips from the fangs of a jungle snake; already the mouse is being digested before it is even swallowed.
    • The informant was skilled at what he did and made sure the snake's fangs went in to the same two holes from the needles he had made earlier.
    • It was the picture of an oval blue stone, a green snake with long fangs wrapped around it.
    • This particular snake is said to have the largest fangs of all the venomous snakes in the world.
    • There I find something worse than a gun wound - a brown snake with its fangs in my arm.
    • You take the brown snake, its fang length is about 2-millimetres, and in one of the patients that we had, the spider actually bit straight through someone's fingernail.
    • Diengo flinched as the small snake's fang sunk in his skin.
    • Joey opened it slowly, and out popped a furry snake, baring its fangs.
    • Poisonous snakes kill with the venom that passes through their fangs, paralyzing their prey.
    • Typical bites inject up to 600 mg of venom through fangs as long as your thumb, and just 100 mg will kill a man.
    • They have venom fangs, and a patch on their neck where poison spores can be launched.
    • Burmese pythons like a meal they can really get their fangs around, especially since the snakes are known to go half a year or more between meals.
    • The snake tried to hit me by striking its deadly fangs at me.
    • The snake slithered toward Jessica, bearing its fangs with a hiss.
    • They have no hidden poison glands, not claws or fangs.
    • Persistent myths about sea snakes include the mistaken idea that their short fangs cannot bite very effectively.
    • Occasionally, it would bury its fangs into the neck of its steed, ripping flesh and bone off.
    • He had noticed that the snake had blood on its fangs when he was retrieving Juu's knife.