Translation of fantasia in Spanish:


fantasía, n.

Pronunciation /fænˈteɪziə/ /fanˈteɪzɪə/ /ˌfantəˈziːə/


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    fantasía feminine
    • Brahms's Violin Concerto begins with a long ritornello, but for most 19th-century composers sonata form and the fantasia were more important than the ritornello principle.
    • The fanfare fantasia before the choral entrance even includes clams.
    • The finale is a joyous fantasia on much of the music deployed earlier with such skill and evident delight.
    • It falls somewhere between a large symphonic movement and a fantasia.
    • Though four generations older than Henry Purcell, Orlando Gibbons wrote a body of music for viols that exerts much the same fascination as Purcell's later and more familiar viol fantasias.