Traducción de fantasize en español:


fantasear, v.

Pronunciación /ˈfæn(t)əˌsaɪz/ /ˈfantəsʌɪz/

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verbo intransitivo

  • 1

    to fantasize about sth soñar con algo
    • Some children told lies as they fantasized about what they had, living aloud their day-dreams.
    • I couldn't keep myself from tensing at seeing her beautiful face, the face in my dreams and that I fantasized about holding and kissing.
    • The man she had dreamed about and fantasized about was now proposing the very thing she had wished for.
    • Ah yes, I had fantasized about quitting the Warehouse, but I never dreamt it would be this sweet when it finally happened.
    • ONCE YOU'VE SPENT the time, money, and emotional energy to get yourself to that place you've fantasized about for decades, there's no sense in not having a good look around.
    • Truth be told, I've long fantasized about being stranded on such an island, about how I'd build shelter, how I'd find food, what I'd do to keep myself from going insane.
    • You are smart and funny and I had fantasized about having you as a friend.
    • I grew up believing that my husband would take care of me financially, and so fantasized about being at home and having supper ready for him.
    • I always fantasized about going on an exotic sea cruise to Puerto Rico or San Tropez or the Greek Islands.
    • I fantasized about wearing cool clothes and carrying neat gadgets and weapons.
    • Sure, even I have fantasized about straight hair instead of my frizzy wavy hair.
    • She was a beautiful woman, and I know many Irish men who fantasized about her.
    • Who, as a child, hasn't fantasized about being orphaned and left to fend for herself?