Traducción de fantastic en español:


fantástico, adj.

Pronunciación /fænˈtæstɪk/ /fanˈtastɪk/

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  • 1

    • 1.1 coloquial (wonderful)

      (car/person/meal) fantástico
      (car/person/meal) estupendo
      fantastic! ¡fantástico!
      • This wonderful daughter, fantastic friend, and excellent pupil had secured a place at a top university.
      • He has a wonderful wife, a fantastic job and two brilliant children.
      • There will also be a raffle for fabulous prizes including a fantastic hamper, so come along and try your luck.
      • But she's absolutely terrific, a really fantastic person who is very funny and very cheeky.
      • I needed a full-time job to get a great house with my superb friends in a fantastic Sydney suburb.
      • He was absolutely fantastic and it felt wonderful to see him on stage.
      • We walked around for hours taking photos and marvelling at the fantastic paintings and architecture.
      • It was a fantastic day with a wonderful service and a great reception.
      • Of course, it would be churlish not to marvel at the fantastic performance of Tiger Woods.
      • The one thing that has united everyone is terrific passion for this fantastic city of ours.
      • The weather is fantastic, which has kind of thrown my body thermostat off kilter.
      • Excellent fresh fish, the most marvellous roast potatoes and fantastic cakes.
      • It has wonderful staff, a fantastic atmosphere, a menu that more or less has something you want however you are feeling.
      • Many of our resorts now offer fantastic facilities and a wide range of attractions and activities for everyone to enjoy.
      • We can now give the people what they want - access to a fantastic destination that has a huge array of attractions.
      • We saw some fantastic competition and some brilliant races, particularly in the distance events.
      • So anyway, we all think you're fabulous, great and fantastic and so will the world's rock scene!
      • Dragan Dzajic, a brilliant player with a fantastic left foot and brilliant technique.
      • Godowsky is a very underrated composer, this disc is fantastic, Hamelin is superb!
      • It is an awesome, fantastic car, and it is really nice, but it just isn't for me.
      • Making them also uses a fantastic amount of water, far more than is used washing re-usable ones.
      • It's wonderfully remote, with fantastic cliffs and big white sandy beaches.
      • The great total of e260 was collected on the morning which is a fantastic amount.
      • We wish to extend our sincere thanks to everyone who helped us in any way to achieve this fantastic amount.
      • It's a fantastic amount of money which could make an enormous difference to someone's life.
      • The computer age means a fantastic amount of information and statistics can be accessed almost instantly.
      • We are learning a fantastic amount about consciousness from the current science.
      • But even that fantastic amount of cash would only replace sewers more than 100 years old.
      • They also learn a fantastic amount about science and about themselves.

    • 1.2(enormous)

      (salary/reductions) fabuloso
      (salary/reductions) fantástico

  • 2

    • 2.1(incredible, preposterous)

      (story/accusation) absurdo
      (story/accusation) increíble
      • Everything in Ilija's work is unreal and ahistorical, fantastic and imaginative.
      • There are ongoing sightings of sea-monsters and fantastic creatures lurking in the emerald green waters.
      • Most contain fantastic elements, from Lucifer and Jesus to a field of talking cows.
      • The fantastic creatures and the magic that fuels them is utterly captivating.
      • His world is strange, fantastic, gritty and believable, it works very well as a fantasy world.
      • His life reads like a romantic novel, and much of his music bears the same colourful and fantastic traits.

    • 2.2(unrealistic)

      (plan/idea) descabellado

    • 2.3(bizarre, strange)

      (clothing/appearance/dream) estrafalario
      • This island hosts a large number of strange-shaped stones and fantastic caves.
      • But even as the light faded, strange and fantastic bird sounds came from every side.
      • Palm trees swayed as the wind combed their leaves into flying crests like strange and fantastic coiffure.
      • The world before the flood is fantastic and strange, alluringly unreal.
      • For about four hours every day, the reflected sun throws fantastic shapes on the walls inside.
      • The fantastic medieval building is the best in the north of Scotland and gives a great insight into the area's Norse past.
      • The surrealism of the performance lies in how normal the fantastic and bizarre events of the banquet are portrayed.