Traducción de far-reaching en español:


de gran alcance, adj.

Pronunciación /ˌfɑˈritʃɪŋ/ /ˌfɑːˈriːtʃɪŋ/


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    de gran alcance
    • The far-reaching implications of this are surely of extreme importance.
    • That report would later have far-reaching implications for South African politics.
    • Simple changes to the supply and demand rules can have far-reaching effects.
    • Council decisions can have far-reaching effects on many people's lives.
    • The fickle old tentacles of fame have already had far-reaching effects.
    • Here is one example of the far-reaching harmful effects of these bills.
    • The decision we take today can have far-reaching and wide-ranging consequences.
    • What was clear, though, was that his death could have far-reaching implications.
    • The implementation of such a plan is beyond any logic, with far-reaching implications.
    • The bishop said the precedents being set by America were of far-reaching importance.
    • What interests us are the more far-reaching political consequences of this crisis.
    • However, he had risked his entire political career on a far-reaching compromise and lost.
    • What has been achieved is a compromise which places three important and far-reaching restrictions on this trade.
    • The precedent that is being set has far-reaching and deeply reactionary implications.
    • It is corrosive of everything, in a way that should also worry those of us who favour far-reaching political change.
    • The spurious impact of channels on society is an issue of gruesome and far-reaching consequences.
    • The recent exposures of corporate corruption have a far-reaching social significance.
    • The success of the global effort to break the human genetic code has far-reaching significance.
    • His work constitutes a radical, far-reaching overhaul of the conventions of French poetry and drama.
    • Has their impact been as radical and far-reaching as was that of the industrial revolution?