Translation of farmstead in Spanish:


casco de la estancia, n.

Pronunciation /ˈfɑrmˌstɛd/ /ˈfɑːmstɛd/


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    vivienda del granjero y edificios que la rodean
    (en Río de la Plata) casco de la estancia masculine
    • Noel lives in a restored farmstead on a farm near Dewitt, Michigan.
    • Their farmstead and barnyard areas are immaculately tidy.
    • The barns and milking parlor on the farmstead had been vacant for seven years, so friends helped them clean, test equipment and replace components as needed.
    • Most of these were built of stone, while dwellings and other functional buildings like farmsteads or mills, depending on local materials, were of timber, clay, or brick.
    • Heavy infestations of grasshoppers have been reported in field margins and farmsteads, mostly in the eastern third of Nebraska.
    • He encouraged rural residents to be alert to signs of production on abandoned farmsteads and to contact local authorities.
    • At one time they were raising hogs on three different farmsteads.
    • This feature is used to accommodate roadways, farmsteads or other areas where irrigation is unwanted.
    • We need to allow a full range of economic activities on our farmsteads and rural properties.
    • His writings state the abbey founded a large farmstead, or grange, and a water mill 20 miles away near Wharram Percy, south of Malton.
    • Our grandmother cooked large meals for the men, who slept in a bunkhouse on the farmstead.
    • At her farmstead, two acres are devoted to the house and yard and 118 acres to active farm production.
    • Winding lanes, squeezed together by plump hedgerows, wander along farmsteads, groves of woodland, and villages.
    • It ploughed through many farmsteads, homes and lands.
    • The contractor built a wall from old fieldstones set aside at the time farmers cleared the land for farmsteads.
    • In Iceland the impact of Viking farmsteads on the land can be dated by analyzing layers of volcanic ash in soils, sediments, and ice caps.
    • When planning manure storages, consider all farmstead operations, building locations, and prevailing winds.
    • It includes some twenty-seven architectural portraits, mostly of farmsteads, but also of commercial buildings and other structures.
    • The farmstead consisted of a set of buildings grouped around a yard: the living dwelling faced the cowshed and the storehouse while the threshing house and steam bath house were set at a further distance.
    • The site is a Neolithic farmstead with the oldest standing buildings in North-West Europe, but before I worked there it was thought to date from the Iron Age.