Translation of farsighted in Spanish:


con visión de futuro, adj.

Pronunciation /ˈfɑrˌsaɪdəd/ /fɑrˈsaɪdəd/ /ˌfɑːˈsʌɪtɪd/

See Spanish definition of hipermétrope


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    (showing foresight)
    (person) con visión de futuro
    (person) clarividente
    (decision/measures) con visión de futuro
    • Clara, already a little far-sighted, held it at arm's length.
    • ‘As we age and get more far-sighted there should be a better result for heads-up displays, but right now we really don't know which is better,’ he says.
    • Near- and far-sighted people alike can tell you about the nuances of falling asleep in daily-wear lenses and wiping sweat residue from glasses after aerobics.
    • But the little girl is very far-sighted in one eye, so her sight will not be that good.
    • I'm far-sighted, and almost blind in the right eye.
    • Jellyfish are horribly hyperopic, or far-sighted!
    • Typically, that means that the prospective patient is extremely near- or far-sighted, he said.
    • My mom pulled out her wrist watch and held it away from her far-sighted eyes.
    • He continued: ‘This is obviously a very far-sighted and visionary idea but one that will require a great deal of prayer, research and careful thought.’
    • The idea was far-sighted and enterprising but failed to eventuate because the project was too ambitious and needed large sums of money.
    • This is a far-sighted idea that should be lauded.
    • It is an extraordinary, thoughtful exploration of what it is to be Scottish and a far-sighted vision of where the country's going.
    • He is shrewd, far-sighted, and ruthlessly economical with words
    • More far-sighted British politicians knew they could no longer hang on to the whole of Ireland.
    • The challenges are real and must be addressed, but for far-sighted businesses this environment has also created a unique opportunity.
    • Experts are prone to error just like anyone else and their vision of the future is not necessarily any more far-sighted.
    • Foundations are remarkably wise and far-sighted.
    • They recalled how he was hailed as the far-sighted statesman Africa so desperately needed when, coming to power after a guerrilla war that cost around 30,000 lives, he committed himself to a policy of reconciliation.
    • What makes it big news is perhaps the fact that although it's a very complicated transaction, it's also a far-sighted one.
    • What's striking is how far-sighted this appointment turned out to be.
    • A few far-sighted Jewish people realize this and stand opposed to intervention.
    • This explanation is that, by dint of far-sighted economic policies, such competitors have been consistently pre-empting the world's most exciting new manufacturing opportunities.
    • It was founded in 1976 by group of far-sighted people who saw government control steadily encircling other universities, dependent as they are on state funding.
    • Wouldn't it be great if Georgia were in the forefront of this groundbreaking legislation that shows such far-sighted thinking!
    • On the Conservative side, far-sighted imperialists were already sensing that the sun might be setting on the British Empire.
    • He adds that far-sighted companies strategize how they can use resources in a renewable way so they are not cost-buying later on.
    • Acquisition of material goods is but one step towards such far-sighted competence.
    • Overall, one cannot help but be impressed by how far-sighted these two economists were.
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