Traducción de fashion model en español:

fashion model

modelo, n.

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    modelo masculino, femenino
    maniquí masculino, femenino
    • Olivia, a former runway fashion model, questioned whether her son's health problems could be linked to her use of cosmetics.
    • Felice is a spicy little number making her living as a world-famous fashion model.
    • Prior to launching her business, her career as a professional fashion model based in Toronto had taken her to Tokyo on contract.
    • Hence, I'm no fashion model, but I am getting richer with every passing year!
    • Athletics encourage women to be strong and daring - necessary survival skills in an era when women are constantly bombarded with images of fashion models.
    • Chloe's job, doing make-up for fashion models, only depresses her more; she makes other women appear glamorous, while feeling unappealing herself.
    • As guests nibbled caviar, fashion models sashayed down the catwalk showing off new phones costing as much as $625.
    • She was working as an oversize fashion model.
    • He came from a fashion model background and had never had to work so hard to earn money.
    • The party at the West End had all the glamorous people in town ranging from celebrities to top fashion models.