Translation of fashionable in Spanish:


a la moda, adj.

Pronunciation /ˈfæʃ(ə)nəb(ə)l/ /ˈfaʃ(ə)nəb(ə)l/


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    (home/clothes/designs) a la moda
    (home/clothes/designs) moderno
    (cafe/people/idea/resort) de moda
    • That quick cut-away style is quite fashionable now isn't it?
    • The styles are as fashionable as you will find elsewhere, and the prices very competitive.
    • Clowning became more fashionable in the mid seventeenth century when interest in spectacle superseded that for dialogue.
    • The design was quite fashionable at the time and variations were common in Boston, Salem, and Portsmouth.
    • But the boom that began in Ireland in the mid-1990s has made the dependency argument less fashionable.
    • Here, smart girls are able to draw conclusions about what are the most fashionable clothes this summer.
    • I hate the idea - increasingly fashionable in academic circles - that rules confine language.
    • She is fortunate in having the face and figure to look good in very fashionable clothes.
    • Nevertheless, it has long been fashionable to decry the actions of those who use their power.
    • Although this look can be considered trendier, the style keeps returning and is considered highly fashionable.
    • They reached short of the last two shirt buttons then and were considered quite fashionable.
    • I have quite an eye for fashionable clothing and this garment caught my attention immediately.
    • They want to be dressed in fashionable clothing, wear fancy shoes and drive cool cars.
    • But back home, it's fashionable to blame someone else and wallow in self pity and despair.
    • During the eighteenth century fashionable accessories became an important complement to a lady's attire.
    • Miri had a fashionable Chinese dress in pink with a black design on the back.
    • Remember when your mother said that being warm was more important than looking fashionable?
    • She woke up in a room that made the 70s look fashionable.
    • I don't see how pale skin can look fashionable if it makes you look sick.
    • I know it is fashionable to say that our predecessors never tried to settle anything.
    • For most fashionable people however, Scotland means knitwear and in particular cashmere - expensive cashmere.
    • I'm not the most fashionable person on the planet, but I'm not the least either.
    • He is no longer, and can never be again, the fashionable person that he was in the '80s.
    • They were popular for no other reason than that people believed they were fashionable.
    • Hopefully all the fashionable people from the Sheffield scene will be there and be dressed to kill.
    • I am accidentally fashionable - or rather I am accidentally a few years behind the curve, because it's mainstream now.
    • He is as fashionable as any other young person in the city.
    • And fashionable waitresses with nice curves treat you with refreshing drinks.
    • Some fashionable boys held a party last month at a local art studio.
    • To prove the point, his photographs show us fashionable women not just in relaxed poses but actually smiling and laughing.
    • This promenade for fashionable men and women was now home to ragged wanderers.
    • Today, eyes will turn from the parade rings to fashionable ladies and their outfits.
    • Beginning in the 1890s fashionable ladies wore lorgnettes on elegant occasions.
    • The political banners on street walls were replaced by large pictures of beautiful and fashionable women.
    • By the late 16th century, most fashionable patrons favoured fantastical Mannerist pieces for their displays.
    • She was being escorted to one of the off-campus parties by her new fashionable boyfriend, Shawn.
    • There's a terrible conformism, a desire above all to have the names of the fashionable directors on the tip of one's tongue.
    • At its peak, more than twenty thousand fashionable members of society made their way there each year.
    • The next day, another fashionable colleague told me she'd been to the same boutique sale.
    • Fine kid leather gloves often appear among the accoutrements of fashionable ladies.
    • It became a fashionable place at which to be seen.
    • It made the British Library look like the most chic and fashionable location on earth.
    • On the top floor, the famous Rainbow Room supper club had been returned to its former splendour and was a very fashionable place to dine.
    • It's long been a fashionable place to spend the summer and its charm lies in its unspoilt quality.
    • But these days, there's a farmers' market at the end of every fashionable street.
    • Competition for fashionable destinations can be stiff.
    • As well as being an affluent and a very exciting place to be, Manchester has a great reputation as a fashionable city and that is something that appealed to us a lot.
    • While it looks quaintly ancient on the outside, the bedrooms would sit just as easily in any fashionable city boutique hotel.
    • The real and full answer is that it is anything but a fashionable town and we have a list of disappointments to support that point of view.
    • It became a fashionable area and many new houses were built.
    • The largest rises were seen in traditionally less fashionable areas fuelled by first-time buyers.
    • Some of them though still find work at big shops on the fashionable streets in the City, at the cost of their pride.
    • It is now a fashionable area for shopping and eating.
    • Many of these are now in fashionable areas and, unlike those in areas suffering from social problems, are highly sought-after.
    • As a supermodel, she visited the most fashionable cities in the world.
    • I do not believe that the real life of this nation is to be found in the great luxury hotels or so-called fashionable suburbs.
    • By the 1890s, the island had become one of the most fashionable resorts on the East Coast.
    • The building's fashionable sushi restaurant is about to have an unexpected new neighbour.
    • Until the 90s, fashionable restaurants offered French cuisine, which meant rich sauces.
    • The town was a fashionable health resort and this biscuit was introduced as a diet item.