Translation of fast-moving in Spanish:


de movimientos rápidos, adj.

Pronunciation /ˈfæstˌmuːvɪŋ/ /ˈfɑːstˌmuːvɪŋ/


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    de movimientos rápidos
    • Marketing developed in competitive fast-moving goods sectors, followed by private-sector services.
    • One can buy the ingredients canned, frozen or prepared by the butcher, indicating a fast-moving society with hardly any time to spare.
    • The dialogues were not seamless either but this was usually less noticeable thanks to the fast-moving plots.
    • When the pace of the movie was brisk and fast-moving, it actually wasn't too bad to watch.
    • We presented a continuous, fast-moving stream of single-digit numbers on a computer screen.
    • Combining elements of comedy and fast-moving farce with sexually explicit language, it proved a commercial though not an artistic success.
    • Yet even with its flaws, the movie is fast-moving entertainment that is worth a rental at the very least.
    • We're a fast-moving company and collaborating through a wiki helps reduce our start-up time with consultants.
    • Sellers of fast-moving consumer goods have therefore tended to rely on traditional mass communication as a more cost-effective alternative than direct marketing.
    • It's a fast-moving, hip and cynical tale with no longueurs and has a real cinematic sweep to go with its expert choreography.
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    de venta rápida