Traducción de fast-talk en español:


Pronunciación /ˈfæsttɔk/

verbo transitivo

  • 1

    to fast-talk sb (into/out of sth)
    • The two fast-talking characters are gone but the lively hustle at Peel and Ste-Catherine lives on.
    • They are fast-talking agents who weasel monster contracts from owners for rookies who've quickly lost sight of just how lucky they are to have the opportunity to play in the NFL.
    • This slim fast-talking man is a whiz with an auction hammer.
    • They fast-talk you for 15 seconds and then have you sign up for something you could be paying off for the rest of your life.
    • Joseph meets fast-talking fellow immigrant Max, on his train ride to Toronto.
    • He shines as an energetic con artist who fast-talks himself onto the team.
    • Marcus is a pitiless, fast-talking psychopath who can turn his disadvantages into yours in one sentence flat.
    • The imposing Egyptian-born executive is used to saying no - even to quick-thinking, fast-talking Irishmen promising to revolutionise his business.
    • Most war-related scams are promoted by fast-talking telemarketers or over the Internet, he says.
    • I'm not talking about turning them into hard-core, fast-talking salespeople.
    • I couldn't believe how flustered I was getting over Tyler's fast-talking smooth persona.
    • The notion that sharp-suited, fast-talking salesmen make the world go round is simply not true.
    • He watched Brooke inch towards the door, fast-talking her way to get in, as it looked.
    • Once again, they have fast-talked their way out of sentencing; the Court has no choice but to find them not guilty.
    • I guess some people would find it amusing to watch him fast-talk his way through situations, but these scenes just didn't stir my coffee.
    • The plot thickens when the hatched scheme takes an unexpected turn and the drama that follows is a maelstrom of seedy night spots, dumb cigarette girls, fast-talking heavies and quotable one-liners.
    • Every once in awhile though, glimpses of the old Eddie - the raw, deliriously over-the-top, fast-talking nutjob we all know and love - break through.
    • But while losing none of his combative, fast-talking panache and his showman style, he's decided he has to clean up his act if he is to survive politically.
    • Visions of rude, fast-talking, brash Yankees flashed briefly through my adolescent mind from tales overheard from relatives.
    • But don't pester him about his philosophical 180 from fast-talking danger-lover to caring family man.