Traducción de fast breeder en español:

fast breeder

reactor reproductor rápido, n.


(fast breeder reactor)
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    reactor reproductor rápido masculino
    reproductor rápido masculino
    • The plutonium was now to be separated out so that it could be recycled into a new type of reactor known as the fast breeder.
    • There has been significant progress in the field of atomic energy, including a movement towards achieving a fast breeder reactor.
    • And the government poured billions of dollars into the development of exotic technologies such as fast breeder reactors, which theoretically can produce more plutonium than they consume.
    • The expansion calculated by the IAEA could not be realised without an immediate transition to the fast breeders for extending the uranium reserves.
    • Since the North had no capability of building fast breeder reactors (which use plutonium as fuel), the implication was that the reprocessing plant was part of a nuclear weapons programme.
    • The fuel was originally made for the German fast breeder reactor at Kalkar near the Dutch border.
    • The highlight of the fast breeder programme is the mastery of a technology using indigenously prepared mixed carbide fuel in the smaller Fast Breeder Test Reactor commissioned in 1985.